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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Get A Glimpse Of The Future Of Combat With This New Video

This new behind-the-scenes video is all about Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s future tech. In the video, Sledgehammer Game’s Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey explain what the new technology is and how it will change the way war is fought on the digital battlefield.

Among the new technologies featured are the threat detection grenades, which illuminate enemies when thrown, the mobile barricade, a large movable shield that provides cover, the laser rifle-like directed energy weapons, and of course hover vehicles.

Perhaps the most significant new gameplay feature covered is the exoskeleton, which will enhance the player character’s abilities, making them capable of physical feats that would be impossible for a normal human. The exoskeleton will also give players access to powerful new exo-abilities, which will change up the classic Call Of Duty formula in a number of ways.

Excited for Advanced Warfare? Check out more on the new tech, or watch this video interview on what makes Advanced Warfare different. Sledgehammer Game’s Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare is scheduled for release on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, and PC on November 4, 2014.  

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  • My favorite part from the E3 demo was the multi-function grenades. Just having one grenade that can operate as a EMP, explosive or sticky is pretty awesome.
  • Sooo will those hover bikes be useable in Multiplayer...maybe as a Killstreak? What about that swarm of...flying roombas'? Also, looking at this I'm thinking of a fusion of Ghost Recon: FS, TitanFall, Vanquished, and Robocop (IDKW).
  • This stuff looks interesting, but it means nothing unless its all brought over heavily into multiplayer and not just as killstreaks.
  • and now.. push the jump button!

  • looks pretty fun

  • So.... this is pretty much call of duty, titan fall (but not a futuristic robot) and elysium combined. How can they not call this a sci-fi CoD..... smh
  • I didn't like black ops at all. But for some reason this game is very appealing to me. I think it's the effort to make everything as "believable" as possible. IDK. But I'm looking forward to this!

  • Just need to see multiplayer gameplay and that will determine whether I pick it up or not.

  • Its funny how I said there was gonna be exo-skeleton suit in it but so many of you said BS! I have the last laugh this time! I have one question, exo-skeleton suits exist, laser weaponry exist, hover vehicles to a point and this is suppose to take place in 2045 ( give or take a couple years ), how much of this stuff will actually be available in our time when it rolls around. The exo-skeleton suit is already available, laser tech that portable ( rifle size ) we won't see until they get the energy source worked out ( AC+right size prism, one hell of a bang! ) and hover vehicles, maybe, someone is currently working on a hover bike and its damm cool, expensive as all hell though and that's the problem, $$$! This maybe the CoD to get me interested again ( thats if they make it real like and not to outrageous ) that and who's the enemy. ( that's another thing, with the world the way its going, who won't we be enemies' with by that time! )

  • Looks cool. I really hope this is good but I don't want to put to much hope into it.

  • When will we hear about multiplayer? The campaign looks great but those are never anything more than a diversion. If all this tech exists in the multiplayer then this game will be incredible.

  • No.

  • sounds great if all this tech and mechanics are in the multiplayer. We need more freedom to do what we want and not limit us by having certain things that you can only use during certain situations. Make the kill streaks more manual and add vehicles like the hover bike and maybe that spider tank thing. The Multiplayer this year needs to be huge since we have great new hardware. Let this be the one they talk about for years to come (Positive responses).
  • I am even less interested in this title with the more things that are being shown.

  • so it`s basically Crysis

  • I'm glad that they're looking to change things up. I used to love CoD, but then it was like the same game over and over and over again. I'm just trying to not have too many expectations, maybe then I'll be pleasantly surprised.

  • When Sledgehammer and Activision said that in order for call of duty to survive it needs to evolve and this is pretty impressive but they might upset gamers with technology like this

  • When Sledgehammer and Activision said that in order for call of duty to survive it needs to evolve and this is pretty impressive but they might upset gamers with technology like this