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Dragon Age: Inquisition

Perilous Times In Thedas – New Dragon Age: Inquisition Screens

New screens for Dragon Age: Inquisition show off some of the environments as well as characters in your party.

Take a look at the gallery below, and for more on the game, check out yesterday's E3 trailer.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is out on October 7 for the new- and old-gen systems as well as PC.

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  • I still can't get over how stupid and pointless those giant spikes look on the cliff/fortress thing.
  • I cant wait to play. I have it preordered already and i'm hopefully upgrading to the Inquisitor Edition once my store lets me. (Oddly it can be bought online now but not in store)
  • This game could be great but I think I will wait for some reviews.

  • Loved what I saw on Inquisition at E3 and I have been obsessed with it since first revealed. I'm a huge DA: Origins fan and while being disappointed with DA:2 I feel Inquisition will finally fulfill my need for the sequel I wanted but never got.

  • October is looking like the month of the year so far.

  • A lot of these look like concept art and not in-game assets. Still skeptical.

  • Dwarves dwarves dwarves.

  • I try not to get my hopes to high when a new game is coming up; but found it's quite impossible with this one.

  • October is gonna be a amazing month.
  • I'm starting to get worried - we are four months from the advertised release date and we aren't seeing any demo play???? - NOT encouraging - after all the EA debacles of the last couple of years I want to see the real deal before I plunk my money down.