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Halo: Master Chief Collection

Comparing Halo 2 In The Halo: Master Chief Collection

The Halo: Master Chief Collection combines all the main, numbered Halo titles, but since this is the 10-year anniversary of Halo 2, that game is getting some extra attention.

In the gallery below, you can take a look how all the games in the collection are looking better (in cinematics as well as gameplay), and below are direct comparisons of how Halo 2 is cleaning up. Quite the difference.

For more info on the Master Chief Collection (as well as a trailer), take a look at our rundown.

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  • That Sergeant Johnson 'stache...love it

  • CAN NOT WAIT to play Halo 2 online again! The nostalgia feels are going to be immense! Ivory tower,lockout,and Zanzibar we will meet again baby! Love 343 for not even tweaking(other than for obvious reasons) the original engine of halo 2 multiplayer which I felt was one of the best multiplayer games of all time. And getting all 4 games remastered for $60 is a great value! This and GTA V coming to next gen really satisfied my E3 itch.
  • Wow that looks so good! This could make me buy an XBOX just to play it!
  • I think MS and 343i should get a huge thank you for giving us Halo 1-4 and all their content for $60! They could've easily sold us just Halo 2 Anniversary Edition for the same price!
  • Yowza. Not even a huge Halo fan, and this is a must buy for me (and my son, who is a huge Halo fan) I didn't think the difference was going to be this drastic. Also, as an Xbox One owner, I think my library would look incomplete without this game in it.

  • This is simply amazing! Hopefully, this is just a sample of the visuals that are to come from Halo 5.

  • Much of the Holidays this will consume! Cannot wait!
  • I could still navigate those areas with my eyes closed. Like for instance the 2nd frame is where you first fight covenant in H2.

  • Ugh....my wallet can't handle getting this w/ a Xbone and XBL alongside my PS4 w/ PS+...


  • i'm definitely going to pick this up.

  • No matter how good they make it look it won't improve the crappy gameplay.
  • Oh man I am so excited about this game, I cannot wait to play halo 2's multiplayer!

  • I am really, really excited for this package set. This is a ridiculous value, no matter if you're a fan of Halo, there's no denying how impactful this franchise has been on the FPS genre and industry and amazing a package like this is.

  • Man I have never owned a Xbox, 360 or Xbone, but I am loving this. I have played a couple Halo games with friends (Halo 3 and Halo Reach) and I like them decent enough, but I really admire how Microsoft is giving this whole series the golden treatment and keeping it important. They are actually making it look the way so many people remember it and giving newcomers a chance to relive them. I mean how many Halo games all in one package? This is really awesome to be frank. Also you can tell that 343 is devoted to Halo. These guys really love the series and I am happy to see what they are doing for it.
  • Amazing announcement to have all 4 games in one package...and only $60. I would've gladly paid $60 for a remastered Halo 2, as you can probably tell from my avatar. Those graphics look way better than I expected.

  • i completely forgot about the Arbiter sections. I am so happy.

  • halo 2's multiplayer was pure arena, which will be awesome to go back to. All of the players start exactly the same and have to compete over all resources.

  • And to think 10 years have past and I own Halo 2 Vista.

  • I wonder if we'll get a Halo 3 remake