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NBA Live 15

First Look At NBA Live 15

The NBA Live franchise didn't have a glorious return last year, but developer EA Tiburon is forging ahead. Today EA Sports has released the first screen of the game, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at bringing NBA players to life.

Last week, Sean O'Brien, the game's executive producer, said that the team knows it has work to do to recover from last year, and that the team is working hard to do so.

The game comes out on October 7 for the new-gen systems, and we'll likely hear more about it this week at E3.

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  • This is a perfect place to apply, "the graphics don't mean everything!" Give me some great game play and I will accept the graphics the way they are.
  • They lied about their entire marketing scheme. The one thing they had on 2K was the roster updates being one hour after the games were played. The entire season saw maybe what 5 or 6 updates overall? That's not every night like they claimed would happen. I'm all for competition in gaming but not when its absolute garbage compared to their direct competitors. Gamers deserve better for their 65 dollars.

  • Keeping an eye on this one. I'm not a seasonal Basketball game buyer but I'm due for a new one soon.
  • Nope, I'll stick with 2K in this instance.

  • here we go Live! blocks r one of the only things live does better than 2k

  • EA cannot win simulation NBA basketball..period. What they should do is go back to arcade style NBA like a NBA STREET remake. They owned that lane...
  • I heard last years iteration got much better after they patched it some. Who knows if it is as good as 2k or not.
  • Another year, another chance for them to get it right. Right now, they NEED to deliver.

  • Don't even try EA.

  • Normally I don't troll but....22222KKKK EA can keep its half-assket ball.
  • Lol they did it again no thanks 2k it is.

  • Why? Why do you have to compete in a space where your competitor is so much better than you? Why do you not just make an NBA street game instead? I don't understand why EA is so stupid sometimes...