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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Three New Screenshots Appear Ahead Of E3

Konami has released three new screenshots from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain ahead of E3 next week.

You can see one of the screenshots above, and you can see the other two by heading over to CraveOnline.com. The screens don't appear to reveal any new details about the game, through prying eyes might be able to find secrets hidden in the images. Hideo Kojima rarely reveals media without at least some kind of subtext.

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[Source: CraveOnline.com]

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  • Well these reveal....nothing of value.
  • Mod
    Hype level maximum: I can not wait! KojiPro said they'll be showing off 30 minutes of gameplay at E3, and then we'll get a nice and lengthy trailer as well.
  • Looks like big boss finally figured out which eye to aim with.
  • Well behind Snake there appears to be some blueprints on the right to his head, and should we take this as a confirmation that the game will be at E3?
  • Only a true badass ends up with scars looking that cool. From the looks of it, he almost loses his left eye too after the explosion that puts him in a coma

  • Love metal gear Sick of the weekly releases and Kojima telling us how big it is... This game will be lucky to see a 2015 release... Just focus on finishing the game and then put all this garbage out right before... Don't tease me years in advance
  • Why is no one mentioning the large black shard thingy protruding out of snakes head????
  • Yes, yes, yes... I want this game.
  • Last years e3 trailer was bad a**....i cant wait to see gameplay

  • I hope there will be alternate outfits, uniforms, and other similar options like Peace Walker had.
  • IT'S OVER, SNAKE! I HAVE THE HIGH GROUND! YOU UNDERESTIMATE MY CQC Don't try it! You where the one who defeat The Boss, you where suppose to defeat the patriots not join them! you where suppose to bring balance to the east and west not turn it into another world war! BUUUUYTHATEYOOOOOOU You were my BROTHA, Snake, I loved you...
  • My most anticipated announced next gen game.

  • I wonder if Ground Zeroes will eventually be bundled with MGS V once it releases. I hope so. I don't want to spend $30 for Ground Zeroes (I suppose I could rent it...), and would rather pay one discounted fee up front for both together.
  • (5 second sigh) only another 18 months before this game releases.
  • Oh damn, is that the Operator from MGS3, and subsequently MGS4? I was really missing it in Ground Zeroes.
  • I'm no longer sure my body can handle the epicness of TPP.
  • trailer leaked!!!


  • trailer leaked!!! http://www.craveonline.com/gaming/articles/702597-video-metal-gear-solid-v-the-phantom-pa