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Dragon Age: Inquisition

Meet Dragon Age: Inquisition's Creative Killer The Iron Bull

BioWare is teasing what to expect from Dragon Age: Inquisition at E3, and the latest detail introduces us to The Iron Bull.

You can see his back and impressive weapon in the image above, as well as another figure in the distance. In the quote above from Mr. The Iron Bull, we learn he is not a gentle fellow – he's a killer, and a creative one.

Earlier this week, we met Sera, who you can learn about here.

As the screen and teases state, we'll meet The Iron Bull and Sera at E3. 

We recently looked into confirmed party members Varric and Cassandra if you want to get reacquainted with some of the returning cast.

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  • Seems like they'll be making a step up from DA2 which is great. Don't really trust them enough anymore to preorder this one but this is promising
  • 3edgy5me. I mean, I like the characters so far but their quotes have been a tad too hammy for my tastes. ESPECIALLY that one letter from Vivienne, good lord that was bad.
  • Could be worth a purchase,... To tide me over till the wild hunt comes calling on me, anyway.

  • Mr. The Iron Bull lol That is now how I'm referring to him from this point on. Even when I'm playing.
  • Interesting I look forward to hearing more at E3.

  • Yeah, yeah looks really beautiful and what not. I am still waiting to hear more about the classes and combat style options. DA2 was really lame in that regard since you are restricted to only three classes with heavy limitations. I want to be able to dual wield two swords as a warrior dammit. Make it happen.
  • I really want to know more about the Iron Bull. Mostly because he seems like a good resource for learning about the Qunari and the Tal-Vashoth.

  • Am I the only one who sees Da Vinci's "The Last Supper" in the meet the heroes picture? I say it's no coincidence.
  • this to me looks better than witcher 3 but we will see
  • Are these quotes supposed to impress me?
  • DA2 was def a massive letdown (especially havening JUST completed all of origins the week before :P) but I have to say DA3 is showing some things that are really hyping me some (uh oh). At least at initial impression the world looks varied, pretty and creative. Again at least at initial impression the characters do as well. Can only hope Bioware returns to its glory days but its a mighty tall order.

  • I hope they introduce Bear Warden soon, he was one of the first companions revealed yet we don't even know his name :/ *edit* Speak of the devil, apparently they DID release one of these thingies for him and his name is Blackwall.
  • DA 2 was very unappealing. I hope this one gives a comeback.

  • Something tells me we won't be friends.

  • I too have cut people into three.

  • Dont like his quote but we will see how he really is when I play the game.

  • So he's basically Black Whirlwind? I hope he's a romance option. He's sure as hell more interesting then Cullen.
  • Dunno, DA2 really felt like a slap in the face. If this comes out, is relatively bug-free and has a good story with solid mechanics and strategy, maybe I'll pick it up later.

    Wonder how many times these kids will have to be burned before they learn not to pre-order/day 1 buy anything, until you know what it is and how it works?

  • Not the best opening line for you online dating profile, Mr. The Iron Bull...
  • Mod

    That's Sera in the distance.

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