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Dragon Age: Inquisition

BioWare Reveals The Lost Fortress Of Adamant

BioWare’s upcoming entry in its choice-driven fantasy/RPG series, Dragon Age: Inquisition, is all about managing your forces as a leader. One of those responsibilities involves determining where to send your troops across the realm, and which fortresses to inhabit. Today, BioWare reveals the menacing, abandoned Fortress of Adamant.

The information comes from a journal-style blog post on the Dragon Age website written in the voice of Veldin, a Grey Warden in the world of Thedas. For years, Adamant stood as a symbol of Thedas’ victory in repelling the darkspawn back into the magical rift they attacked from. The fortress, which once hosted powerful Griffons, became difficult to maintain and dangerous as hard times fell on the civilized people of Thedas. The journal entry suggests that should the Order decide to return to the strong, dwarf-built walls, it may be difficult to return to its former glory.

Dragon Age: Inquisition arrives on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on October 7. For more info on the games, visit our cover story hub filled with exclusive content by clicking the banner below.

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  • "back into the magical rift they attacked from" - Its not magical, its literally a huge stretched hole in the ground, you can see it in the map of thedas, near Orlais. Anyway, I've actually been wondering if this keep was the one mentioned in the asunder novel, since they showed it last year, and it looks like it is!
  • So I imagine this is day one DLC...
  • Oooohhh that's cool! I want this game!

  • Dragon Age Inquistion is gonna be good I hope.

  • wow..I didnt know there was a fortress so close to the abyssal reach. This will be very interesting. Now I officially cant wait for the mysteries. here is the map of thedas. http://media1.gameinformer.com/images/site/pages/dragon/DragonAgeThedasMap.jpg
  • Although I don't think it was the same keep, nor do I remember the name, but it reminds me of a castle written about in one of the books. I believe it was the third one, but they travel to this keep they have lost contact with (if I remember correctly) that's near a big shear in the earth and darkspawn roam the area at night..

  • Can't wait for this game!

    I've loved everything they've shown so far.

  • Looks pretty good. I hope the Grey Wardens don't become a mandatory enemy like they appear to be in the original trailer, it would be a shame for such an awesome faction to become antagonists.

  • I remember reading about this in Dragon age: Asunder I can't wait to actually see it in the game.

  • Looking forward anxiously. It.It will be good.

  • I just bought DAO Ultimate, let us see if the game lives up to its fame.
  • Really need this game to be epic. Not enough great RPGs to spend all of my free time playing.

  • Well again it looks quite impressive. Here's hoping the gameplay will be as great and story. Now if only we could get the Darkspawn back to how they looked in Dragon Age Origins (if there are any Darkspawn enemies this time around).

  • They have done such a great job with PR for this game and showing the gorgeous visuals and many locations that will be available. Can't wait to play this!

  • I can't wait for this game... It appears that Bioware is going back to its roots and taking their time with this one so it will truly be a Bioware experience not Eaoware... ;-)

  • www.origin.com/.../dragon-age-inquisition

    collector's edition^

  • Mod

    I can't wait to go there.

  • So I recently went back and am playing Dragon Age 2 and, while the combat is atrocious, I forgot how solid the story is in it and I am quite enjoying myself despite the combat system. I have the highest of hopes for this one. Pre-order for sure.