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Alien: Isolation

New Trailer Focuses On The Sounds Of Terror

Manipulating sound is one of the most effective ways to manage tension in movies and games. A new trailer from the team at The Creative Assembly shows how they're incorporating music, foley effects, and more as they develop Alien: Isolation.

The clip below shows some of the recording sessions for the game's score. The team's commitment to remaining as authentic as possible to the source material, 1979's film Alien, is clear; they rounded up a symphony that includes musicians who worked on Jerry Goldsmith's original score. The studio also had access to the film's original audio files, so they're able to ensure that their own newly recorded sounds are in line with those.

Players will have to rely on the game's audio cues to stay alive, as creative lead Al Hope points out. The game's dynamic soundtrack has to maintain a tricky balance of adding tension to scenes where players are being stalked by the game's xenomorph A.I., without overwhelming the action. From what we've played, they're certainly on the right track.

Look for the game on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on October 7.

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  • Oh man if they pull this off, well, I'll be surprised.
  • This just keeps looking and sounding better and better! The guys at Creative Assembly could very well do for Aliens what Rocksteady did for Batman. Please don't let it flop and or take a bad turn. We gamers need this one!
  • I really want this to be good.

  • Somebody should give these guys a medal, it so looks like they are going to pull off the first true Alien game.

  • If they can create the amazing Alien game that they are trying to create, this will be great. Great start!

  • October 7? I can't wait that long. This looks too good.
  • Fingers crossed.

  • I really want but i'm going to wait for the Rift/Morpheus version

  • The ending of that video can be described in one word: stains.
  • From what I've heard, this is a big step in the right direction of what true Alien fans are looking for. A horror story in space where there's many of you, one of it - and it's still winning.

  • I really hope the game will be good.

  • So, how would it work if you were deaf? Any comments?
  • Did i just drop a load in my pants? lol not really but damn this looks so good. Hope these guys pull it off. Love the alien films. I'll most likely be crying like a b*tch after the first time I die. So far it's looking like it'll be pretty tense.

  • Already looks good and sounds good. Great music direction decision by the creators: no cheap dub-step and hopefully no Inception Horn.
  • So far so good!!!!

  • I don't know if I can contain my excitement for this game.

  • Now all we need is a good Predator game, and my childhood will be complete.

  • That music sounds perfect.

  • I hope this game is scary and evil and intense enough to make me forget about my frustrations with school. And I cant wait to revisit my childhood favorite.

  • Please work on the animation, and more goo.

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