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EA Sports UFC

EA Sports UFC Screenshots Show Off 10 New Fighters

With EA’s next-gen UFC game slated for sometime this spring, the publisher is showing off another group of fighters. This batch includes 10 new athletes ready to step into the octagon.

EA’s first UFC title after the license transferred from THQ will run on EA Sports’ new Ignite Engine, which powers new-gen versions of Madden, FIFA, and NBA Live. You can read a recent interview with creative director Brian Hayes.

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  • This ain't Fight Night? let me know when Fight Night comes to PS4.
  • not all that impressive. Considering the power behind these images and the fact that developers only have to render a couple characters at a time, this looks really weak. Maybe they look better in motion.

  • Forget EA making sports games. Lets give the boys over at 2K Sports the opportunity to make a MMA or football game and see some real innovation. NFL 2K15 anyone?
  • weak sauce

  • These look fantastic. This is my most-anticipated game of 2014.

  • They really captured Nate Diaz's always angry face. Now if only there was a button combination he can use, that enables him to flip off his opponent. Only then will the EA Sports UFC interpretation of Nate Diaz be truly realistic.