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Strike Suit Zero - Director's Cut

Strike Suit Zero Gets April 8 Xbox One, PS4 Release Date

Despite a massive flood on Christmas Eve, Born Ready games has picked itself back up and completed Strike Suit Zero for new-gen consoles. A new developer diary shows how the studio has responded to community feedback for the Director’s Cut.

In a new developer diary, the team shows off comparisons between the original, Kickstarter-funded release and the updated version coming soon. You’ll also see some heartbreaking shots of what happened after the flood swept through their offices in Guildford, UK (the same one that washed out the Hello Games studio).

The new versions of Strike Suit Zero feature some re-recorded voicing, a revamped early game, and new art assets and textures to give the game. The title is due out on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on April 8.

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  • Its great that they managed to get this game out even with their set backs. I wish the studio all the luck in the upcoming future!

  • I will check this out for the studio's sake. Plus, this game looks interesting.

  • This was a pretty fun game, and honestly, one that should translate well to consoles.

  • why don't I see anyone b*tching about all of these re-releases? I really don't get it? When the wii u was getting a bunch of ports it was the end of the world. Yet when these two other consoles get them its all well and good. I just tried this game last night on steam and it was alright I suppose but not really mind blowingly good.
  • Is this a ID@Xbox game? Or full fledged retail release? Or just a regular download game like new Strider? Excuse my ignorance on this title and their Dev.

  • So was this out before or is this its first time releasing just on new gen hardware too? From the looks of it I'll be able to get my Macross/Robotech tech fix with this game? Now this decision will be which platform I want to get it for...Xbox Uno or Ps4. I'm in a pickle.
  • Looking forward to this.