Through Games' upcoming game Fru was the only Kinect title on display at Microsoft's ID@Xbox showcase. It's a clever game that mixes platforming and puzzles, with some get-off-the-couch participation added in as well.

If you were to play the game hidden out of Kinect's sight, you'd see a little mustached man and a few drab platforms. That's why you need to get up. Once your virtual shadow comes into the picture, it reveals a hidden layer, which in turn opens up a realm of puzzling possibilities. For example. You might need to reach a door that's seemingly out of your jumping range. By walking back and forth in your room, you;ll learn that if you position your body just so, it makes an otherwise invisible ledge pop into existence, giving our hero a chance to leap toward success.

Fru is definitely a game that will force you to let your guard down. In one silly moment, you have to help the character along a moving platform. If you don't move your body along with him in time, he'll fall into the abyss. In my favorite part of the demo, the door is locked by a series of chains. Sweep your arms around, and you'll notice a circle with a key icon on it in the corner. Nothing happens until you hold your arms out wide enough to virtually connect the key with the locked door. The level beyond that features three keys and a door, which requires some serious Twister-like skills.

If you have an Xbox One, you already have a Kinect. Fru is possibly the first game that might get you to use it.