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Respawn Offers Tips For Success In The Titanfall Beta

If you've been lucky enough to take part in Titanfall's beta, Respawn has put out a video offering some tips on how to succeed.

You can check out the video below which emphasizes getting onto rooftops, dropping your Titans onto the unaware, and taking advantage of being on foot (which does have its advantages).

For more tips on the game, check out a list of suggestions from Tim Turi, who spent lots of time with Titanfall before the beta went online. If you're still hoping to get in on the beta, it sounds like there will be plenty more opportunities to get a code today as long as you're following Vince Zampella on Twitter.

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  • Just got a beta invite today for Xbox One, downloading now, can not wait to try it.

  • I have an extra beta code for Xbox one, let Me know if you need it.

  • Fun game until you come across some cyborgs with ridiculous twitch reflexes that seem to always be in your blind spot.

    I did manage to get my Titan to land on a moving enemy Titan, though. Totally unintentional but cool all the same.

  • I like it so far. I thought there was going to be a storyline? I've only played a few rounds but it certainly has potential. I've already been annoyed by a sniper/camper but it was a minor annoyance at best.
  • Another extra Xbox One beta code here. Hit me up if you want it.

  • Got my code for xbox one, wewt

  • Was skeptical ever since anouncment of Titanfall. After wearing bare bones thin on FPS during Modern Warfare 2, I was concerned the Respawn guys were going to make Call of Duty 4: Future Warfare especially when they landed with EA. In a way it does feel like CoD4: Future Warfare, but that is a great thing. With that being said Titanfall makes tons of progress on that multiplayer FPS formula to a stunning and amazing result! Standby for Titanfall!
  • Isn't multiplayer only like 6v6???