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Respawn Reveals Boneyard Map, New Mode, And Burn Card Perks

Last week during an event in Los Angeles, Respawn Entertainment revealed new details on its upcoming first-person shooter Titanfall. The news includes information on a previously unrevealed map called Boneyard, the Last Titan Standing mode, and single-use perks called Burn Cards.

The new map, Boneyard, is a desert environment set amidst the ruins of an old engineering facility. Huge leviathan-like creatures wander the distant backgrounds, warded away from the battlefield with dog whistle-like apparatuses. Boneyard is the result of a malfunctioned dog whistle, with the tremendous bones of a fallen leviathan setting the surface-side stage for combat. Respawn says players can fight within the huge skeleton and even perch atop it and snipe. Indigenous flying NPC creatures can also swoop down to pester your allies and enemies, creating a livelier match. Down below the surface is the facility itself.

“Boneyard is a little more friendly to Titans,” says Respawn Entertainment lead artist Joel Emslie. “The scale cues and the stuff you can take cover on is a little more Titan focused. There are areas that you’d want to wall run on as a Titan are more in the bowels of Boneyard. It has some really nice spots where a Pilot can really get the drop on a Titan. These big hallways where the Pilot can hide up in the girders and get down on the Titan. But it also has some really kick-ass spots for the longer shooting game of Titanfall where you can use these marksman weapons. There are these cracks in crevices where you can ambush Titans and jump off a rock down here and get on top of one.”

Speaking of Titan ambushes, the new mode Respawn revealed is called Last Titan Standing. In LTS, each team of six players starts in the cockpit of their Titan and dukes it out until the opposing team’s machines are all destroyed. This match type cranks up the action right away, and morphs Titans from disposable artillery to precious commodities. 

In addition to Last Titan Standing, Respawn also showed off the new Burn Card system. Burn Cards are one-time use perks that can be used every match. Players unlock up to three Burn Card slots, which can be filled with cards earned over the course of the game. Burn Cards include increased Pilot movement speed, decreased cooldown on Titans, and powerful anti-Titan weaponry. These bonuses stay in effect from the moment you activate them until your next death.

The March 11 release of Titanfall on Xbox One and PC is just around the corner. Our excitement for the game has been high since first revealing it on the cover of Game Informer, and these new announcements only add fuel to the fire. 

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  • LTS sounds really fun, an all Titan battle is going to be a lot of chaos.

  • "The March 13 release of Titanfall on Xbox One and PC is just around the corner." Wha-what!? I could have sworn it was the 11th. I even took vacation from work that day....
  • March 13th?

  • Burn cards ie perks kinda worries me. Hopefully they don't go crazy with stuff like this.

  • Yeah, I'm not to crazy about the whole burn card thing but Last Titan Standing sounds fun. Now if only they could announce more game modes...

  • Let me qualify by saying when Titanfall was announced I had long been worn on the FPS genre entirely. So I was not interested at all while still respecting their vision and creativity (I have never been a big "mech" guy even while appreciating their appeal) and doubted I would support the game with a purchase.

    With that being said, every time something is revealed for this game my excitement level has been raised a notch or two each and every time to where my only decision is if this will be a Day One Purchase or a down the road purchase. Hopefully the BETA (if I get in) will answer that.

    I have not played a FPS religiously for going on half a decade now and Titanfall seems more and more like it has the depth and shine that will require me to jump in full heartedly.

    Hope goes to Respawn fully reaching their potential with this release. And to me getting in the BETA :D

  • sounds like these Burn Cards will be coming in packs of dlc.