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Kinect Sports Rivals

Kinect Sports Rivals Coming April 8

Microsoft and Rare have dated the Xbox One’s inaugural first-party Kinect title. Rare’s Kinect Sport Rivals will be coming in the first days of spring.

The follow up to the pair of Kinect Sports entries on Xbox 360 was at one time expected to accompany the launch of Microsoft’s latest console. It was bumped of the November 22 launch date back in July 2013.

Players will choose one of three teams with which to partner: Viper Network, Eagle Legion, or Wolf Clan. You can check out a new trailer to see each of the duos espouse their leadership prowess while bowling, playing tennis, and shooting water guns. You can read more in our preview from Gamescom 2013.

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  • I thought yelling at it until it turned on was the inaugural kinect game.
  • In before the Sony fanboys. Can't wait! The game on the 360 using the first gen Kinect was great, so I can't wait to see the improvements.
  • Wow! That pic alone is a turn off.

  • This is why people bought an Xbox One.
  • Seeing this made me miss the Rare that used to make great games.
  • I'm extremely impressed by the tracking on Preseason, if the rest of the game plays that well, I will gladly download this game
  • Go home Kinect. You're drunk.
  • I have the XB1 and the new kinect is actually pretty sweet. I use the voice and gesture commands while watching tv, movies and with some games and it works very well. With that said, i doubt i will buy this game if the demo is any indication of how fun it will be. It wasnt fun to the point that even my 11 year old daughter had negative feelings about it and told me we shouldnt buy it when it comes out...lol. Now thats saying something when a kid says that. She's a smart kid that knows her stuff and isnt usually too judgmental so it was very funny to hear her explain her opinion. She was really excited for it initially tho. Maybe they will improve it before release and she and i will rent it but def not buying it with so many other better games demanding our attention this year.
  • Grasping at straws now eh Microsoft?
  • Not going to lie, I am excited to play this. Even with the bugs, I had fun with Kinect Sports on 360. I really want to test out how they improved the motion sensing.
  • I saw the image for this article and thought it looked like a new Saints Row game, then got SUPER disappointed when I saw what it was actually about. Blech.

  • The Preseason demo was fun so hopefully the whole game is just as good. Can't wait.

  • Game actually has potential. People will hate, but that doesn't change the fact this could be a good one. The development studio sure cares a lot about it. And they obviously weren't worried about getting it out the door in a hurry. Should be an interesting game to watch.

  • Kinect Sports was great because it was packaged in one of my 3 xbox replacements. Pity they delayed this so it isn't free. Also too bad they don't do games for gold from this decade often :P

    Yes it sounds Sony slanted but I own the One as well. I am desperate enough to buy Dynasty Warriors but not this.

  • Really, I'm more worried about whether or not all of the mini-games will even work more over be fun.

  • Can't M$ get Rare to work on something that's actually, you know, GOOD?
  • Rareware...wtf happened to you?