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Kinect Sports Rivals

New Kinect Sports Rivals Video Shows Off The Environment

Kinect Sports Rivals, the former Xbox One launch title, is coming soon, and a new video shows off the game's environments.

All of the sports games take place on a single island, and as the weather changes and day turns to night, it will affect aspects of the game. High winds, for example, can knock rock wall climbers from high heights (presumably to their deaths, although the video does not specify) and into the waters below.

Microsoft and developer Rare don't have an exact release date for the game, but is should be arriving this Spring.

[Source: Major Nelson, Xbox Wire]

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  • Well the world looks awesome at least.

  • xboxone game of the year.
  • I really liked the Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason thing.
  • The water jet ski demo controlled horribly. If they fix the controls before releasing the game it could be fun to play with the family. But I'm afraid this will just be more kinect forgetware.
  • The water jet ski demo controlled horribly. If they fix the controls before releasing the game it could be fun to play with the family. But I'm afraid this will just be more kinect forgetware.

  • I like that they took a different approach.

  • I've actually heard a lot of good things from people spending a lot of time in the demo, and the graphics look pretty wonderful.

  • Great! We need another Kinect Test Chamber! It's been too long since you looked at Fighters's Unleashed or Fighter's Uncaged or whatever Ubi Soft brought to the XBone launch

  • I still have yet to hear anything good or even positive about the kinect from anyone reputable.
  • Why bowling? Why is this always on motion sports games? I would like to see more variety, skiing, football, track and field, something else.

  • I think it looks very good actually, but as you can see from my profile pic i think rare should be making something a different,involves a certain bear...and bird..

  • Microsoft blew it by not having this ready at launch. I loved watching the behind the scenes video where all the Rare employees talked about how this game was their passion in life. Please. I would still buy this game for my family and their Xbox One as it's the most kinect game of all. It looks party ready. Just very late indeed.

  • This game could go a long way into convincing developers to utilizing the Kinect 2.0 if it's successful not just critically but commercially. If not, it's gonna be forgotten, and we are looking at another peripheral not used in gaming. Voice recognition has been flawless for me so far, as well as all my buddies that took the Xbone plunge. Doesn't work for some people I've heard, but seems like it's overall a good thing.

  • No one saw the Kinect SportsRivals Demo with Jimmy Fallon?

    LOL the game looked so shamefully bad in garbagetastic levels

    Jimmy Fallon kept crashing with a wall all the demo while the Microsoft employe kept talking about how awesome the game was and how everyone should play it

  • Give it up MS.

    The Kinect 2.0 is also a piece of junk

  • After having played the preseason jetski level, I am more interested in this game. Regardless of videos, tv spots, and promises, that demo wowed me with the Kinect response. Closing my hand gassed the jetski. What?! My friend and I ended up racing the only level ten times in a row after seeing how fun it was. Not once did I think I was getting poor response or that my performance was suffering because of the Kinect. If the rest of the games prove to be as fun as the jetski, I may actually pick this up as a party game.
  • This actually looks pretty cool, but not enough for me to buy a kinect

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  • Motion gaming is the worst thing to enter this generation.