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The Amazing Spider-Man 2

First Look At Amazing Spider-Man 2 Features Kraven The Hunter

Electro and The Rhino might be the main attractions for the Amazing Spider-Man 2 film, but Beenox is taking the game in a slightly different direction. Kraven the Hunter comes to New York, and it seems that he’s helping (and not stalking) the web slinger.

We do get a glimpse of Jamie Foxx’s Electro in the last moments though, meaning that there will be some overlap between the two mediums. Amazing Spider-Man wasn’t the best of Beenox’s work, but Spidey fans are a forgiving bunch. 

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is slated for release this spring. The trailer indicates it’s coming to Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Wii U, 3DS, and PC.

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  • Here's hoping that the number "2" after a Spider-Man game title is as indicative of quality as ever. Bring back the free-form web swinging! And not half-assed. I want some real "Spider-man 2" action.
  • Let the next gen shovelware COMMENCE!

  • Spiderman 2 was so good. Hopefully the 2 can help it.
  • I agree that The Amazing Spider-Man wasn't Beenox's best Spider-Man game, but I still enjoyed it. I hope this one improves on the good qualities of the last game, and fixes the bad (like all sequels should, but sadly don't).
  • Please...no more robots...

  • Why. These games have so much potential, but every one is the exact same, and I will forever blame Activision. My second favorite super hero, and he will forever be bent over the table by Activision, his abusive step-father.
  • I think the gameplay for this game will be great!

  • Treyarch? Nah, they moved on to Call Of Doody. Black Ops, MW:3, Black Ops 2, Ghosts. They abandoned Spidey after the awesome Spiderman 2, well they also did Spiderman 3. Who is at this helm of this game? And why did that just look like a last gen title for Xbox 360 and PS3?
  • And why doesn't Activision use the CoD engine they used for Ghosts?

    And give it the 1080p 60 fps treatment. The whole nine yards and package!

  • Kraven sounds a bit too Steve Blum-y for my liking.

  • I kinda dig this storyline they're showing that Kraven is training Spider-Man to hunt Uncle Ben's murderer, who was just felt kind of forgotten about in the first movie. On the note of video game adaptations doing unique story things: did anyone play the Spider-Man 3 video game and think that Sandman's motivation in the game made WAY more sense than in the movie?
  • I will be keeping an eye on the reviews for this one...

  • I've actually liked Beenox's games. Fun games. Not the best but fun nonetheless.

  • There are two Rhinos in this Spider-Man universe now

  • Looks decent. I enjoyed The Amazing Spider-Man quite a bit for a licensed game. The swinging mechanics weren't the best they've been but it was still fun. I just hope they try to make the hand to hand stuff stand out a bit more. The combat in the last one was a crappy rip-off of the Arkham games.

  • I really love Spider-Man and I really am looking forward to the new movie. I have had a blast with SM series in the past, most recently Shattered Dimensions. Here's to hoping they take the time and energy the franchise deserves to deliver a great game!!

  • Well this doesn't look budget in the slightest...come on Bone, you can do better.

  • So they choose a one of the worst villains of spidey for the movie, and one of the best ones for the game... only that makes the games more worth it to keep and eye than that awful movie.

  • Hope he shows up in the movie.

  • Those are really lame graphics for a XBOX one/PS4 game. It's weird because Beenox usually does a fantastic job with character models and such.
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