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Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

New Video Explains Why Next-Gen Tomb Raider Is ‘Definitive’

In a new video from Square Enix, we’re given a new look at how Lara Croft has been upgraded for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. With voice over from Tomb Raider Definitive Edition Scot Amos, you’ll see the updates to Lara’s face, hair, and skin, along with the additional tricks used to make her seem more integrated with the environment.

The inclusion of additional lighting effects, mud, blood and sweat, and little physics touches like the climbing axe swinging have all been added for this new version. Tomb Raider Definitive Edition will arrive on January 28. It will include all of the previously available DLC, which is largely confined to the game’s multiplayer mode. You can read our review of the original release here.

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  • I hope this definitive version crap doesn't catch on. I would rather see new games rather than the same games that just look shinier.

  • Stopped halfway upon realizing that I liked the story and characters and not the way it looked. This does nothing for me and at full retail I want a sequel not a game I own with makeup

  • Cool beans.

  • I merely rented this game during it's initial release. I wouldn't re-purchase it just for next-gen, but since I don't have it yet, I already have it on pre-order. I'm really excited to dive into this world again, and take it online.

  • I like the Lara of the Vanilla edition because she looks like the adult version of Ellie from TLOU. The definitive Lara looks too "icy" and angry.

  • This alone is not enough to move me to the next gen, especially when considering I don't have any money. When this comes out, I will probably get the original version used because the price will be significantly dropped. It has managed to gradually piqued my interest over the last few months, so I will definitely pick up the original.

  • My game of the year, but I don't know if I'll buy it again just yet. Although I did buy TR Anniversary on PS2 and 360 later...

  • This will be one of the games I'll pick up when I get a PS4 later this year.

  • BORING. I think it looks pretty damn great on the 360, so who cares!

  • So they're basically updating the graphics to match what PC has had since the original launch?

  • I wish they would do the same thing with Last Of Us...

  • Bottom line....this is a great game. If u didnt play the first version then this is a great time to try this game! I beat it on 360 and got 100% on all the hidden stuff but i hated the multiplayer. Def will try the definitive edition when it comes out and possibly buy it on the XB1 considering i sold my 360 copy when i bought the new system. It was a very good and polished game to begin with so im excited to check out these improvements for myself!
  • So this generation. Instead of calling them HD remakes, they will be called Definitive Editions.
  • This just in:


  • It's all in the face!