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Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

New Video Explains Why Next-Gen Tomb Raider Is ‘Definitive’

In a new video from Square Enix, we’re given a new look at how Lara Croft has been upgraded for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. With voice over from Tomb Raider Definitive Edition Scot Amos, you’ll see the updates to Lara’s face, hair, and skin, along with the additional tricks used to make her seem more integrated with the environment.

The inclusion of additional lighting effects, mud, blood and sweat, and little physics touches like the climbing axe swinging have all been added for this new version. Tomb Raider Definitive Edition will arrive on January 28. It will include all of the previously available DLC, which is largely confined to the game’s multiplayer mode. You can read our review of the original release here.

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  • That's nice and all but it still doesn't even run at 60 FPS, so I'll stick with my high FPS PC version instead, thank you.

  • While it does for the most part look nicer I don't like the changes to the face, not sure what it is, but I liked the old face better. Also about the axe, I always figured she had it tied down on her leg, due to it being a rather hazardous piece of equipment to just have flaying about.

  • I'm not gonna spend another $60 just for a body and facial redesign with some improved graphics. Square Enix should offer a trade-in program. I know this also includes multiplayer maps, but the multiplayer for the most part was mediocre to me. And why wasn't all these graphical improvements done for the PC version? Usually the PC version for any game is the definitive edition in regards to graphics. Anyway, I'll wait for Tomb Raider 2 for next-gen because I know I certainly didn't buy a next-gen console to play remastered previous-gen games with no gameplay differences. Also, the non-definitive version can be found for less than $30 at a GameStop. Heck, I see it on Amazon for $15 right now.

  • I'll get it again when it's around twenty dollars or less, I'm getting to many games this year at full price or more and can't justify buying a game I already paid a hundred for.

  • To clear those ppl with doubt or who are unsure. 60 dollars can go to a real next gen only game. This Tomb Raider next gen was already playable in current ones. Ppl who waited for next gen and wanted to try TR and didn't got the chance have a good reason to get it for 60. So its your call if ya played it before and don't like the price refer to the "can go to a real next gen only game" sentence. If this is your first time playing TR enjoy the game :)

  • Looks great.

  • cool

  • And still not a jacket for poor cold Lara!

  • Why definitive? Well because we thought it sounded really important and different from the original version. Yeah that's it.

  • Missed it on the PS3 but looks like a strong rental. Like most have said, $60 is a bit much for a pretty looking upgrade :/

  • They should have also focused on the other characters too. Giving them more detailed face expressions.

  • I'm a die-hard TR fan but I dont think they should have changed her face again so soon. As far as the pricetag goes, almost all new releases have that price point. Its not like their changing the industry. If you purchased it at release last year you paid $60 too. Im not saying go buy it if you already have it cause that would be a waste. But to all those who haven't played yet, the $60 for all DLCs and the upgrades isn't a bad price. I do think there should be an upgrade discount for current owners who want to try it.

  • I was going to get this but I will wait for a price drop.

  • I like it! but, I've already played it. maybe I should wait for a price drop on this!

  • Lara's new character model does look amazing and I very much enjoyed this on the previous generation, so maybe I will repurchase this game and hopefully it helps seal the deal for Tomb Raider 2. Edit: Wow! I didn't realize they were asking 60 dollars for prettier graphics and DLC for a crap multiplayer mode that I will never play. I would however gladly have spent 30 dollars on the single player game alone.
  • I just replayed this on PS3 and wanted to play it on PS4 until I realized they were asking for full price for a game with some graphic updates.. No thx

  • Any one recomends the enitre play throught, i rented it and played it a bit, i liked it but never finish it .
  • Now that is a Tomb Raider I have always wanted to see.