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Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

New Video Explains Why Next-Gen Tomb Raider Is ‘Definitive’

In a new video from Square Enix, we’re given a new look at how Lara Croft has been upgraded for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. With voice over from Tomb Raider Definitive Edition Scot Amos, you’ll see the updates to Lara’s face, hair, and skin, along with the additional tricks used to make her seem more integrated with the environment.

The inclusion of additional lighting effects, mud, blood and sweat, and little physics touches like the climbing axe swinging have all been added for this new version. Tomb Raider Definitive Edition will arrive on January 28. It will include all of the previously available DLC, which is largely confined to the game’s multiplayer mode. You can read our review of the original release here.

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  • I missed it on last-gen, but I'm certainly looking forward to getting this on ps4. Looks impressive.
  • I was interested in getting this for my xbox one, but for some reason this made me less interested in it. Being that I didn't play it before though, I'll still probably pick it up.
  • Word!!! Thismay be the only way I get my GI News because I will not pay $25 to get a sub through the mail and on top of that LATE!!! But Im getting this game.
  • I'm not overly concerned about the whole 30fps issue. I am looking forward to this game, even though I already own it.
  • I haven't played it yet, what's it like?
  • It's definitive because it costs more. Also boobs.

  • The fact that these guys wanna charge 60 bucks for a game I can easily find for less than 30 bucks somewhere else is baffling. The graphic overhaul isn't impressing me. Its just like with Rayman Legends coming to Xbox One/PS4... Its like... REALLY? These games aren't even freaking old.
  • You're better off getting the original copy. Skin improvements, DLC for crappy multiplayer, and no increase in frame rate doesn't justify $60.

  • Here's an idea: release this on PC through an update to the version that already exists and have the option to turn it off. Actually, these things may already be in the PC version. I need to look at the options menu again.
  • I have it. Haven't finished it yet. because it's boring to me. Besides paying $60 for improved graphics is not my style.

  • I don't really notice a graphical improvement over the PC version, though that could just be because the footage is streaming on a video player rather than me seeing it in person. Unless there is some serious optimization for the XO and PS4, I don't suppose the game will be running at 60fps so long as TressFX is enabled. My PC is much more powerful than either console and every time I turned TressFX on, my framerate went from 60-90 to 20-30. Even Total Biscuit said his PC, which runs 2 Titans, couldn't run TressFX without it halving his FPS.
  • This is great for people who missed it on the last-gen console's, but as a person who played through it, I'm not really a fan of the price tag. I'll probably wait until a price drop happens, because it is a game worth getting, just not right now for me.

  • I can see some of the differences, but it's so much effort for maybe a 20% improvement overall. The gear jostling is one of those things that sounds incredible on paper but is completely unnoticeable when you're playing.

    Did any of the NPCs get the same treatment?

  • Still looks pretty jittery tbh. I mean, the Lara model's face looks fine, I guess, but her clothing and the enviro details are low, plus there's ample aliasing on the shadows textures. Also, the fact that console games are still stuck on 30 fps is laughable. Too slow and unresponsive, neigh unplayable. Looks like a slideshow. And yes, yes I know, "elitist pc gamer lolz" whatever. I can only approach this from my perspective, and paying 40-60 bucks for a tiny update locked in at 30 fps is crazy to me, unless you don't already own the game.
  • Yeah, its kinda impressive with all the upgrades to lighting, facial features, hair, etc.., but its still the same sp game, with the same awful mp. I bet they didn't even try to fix the bad mp in this "definitive edition". I know this is just for the people who for some reason missed out, which seems odd considering that most people who got the next gen consoles right away were the ones who already had the previous gen, and this was such a popular game that they probably played it already. But I'm sure there are people who haven't played it yet. It just doesn't seem like that big of a change to justify the $60 to me. Maybe I'm wrong and this is the jaw dropping edition that will make the game legendary, but this just seems like a cash grab to me. IDK.
  • If you didn't already play it on last gen consoles, I would definitely recommend it. I can't say that it would be worth $60, but I use Gamefly specifically for games like this where I'm not sure if it's worth buying or not. Maybe something to look into. I haven't played any other Tomb Raider games, but this one played out somewhat like a Splinter Cell game where you have the option of stealth or open combat when confronting the enemies. Overall, it had a pretty good story and was fun to play.

  • New graphics and DLC means "definitive." Okay.
  • geez, i didn't realize how cheap some gamers are, constantly complaining about the price, that's the price of games when they come out... this isn't news that a game is 60$
  • If it was cheaper I would buy it in a heartbeat, played it and loved it. For those who didn't hears a good chance to play it. Not much else is going to be released until end of Feburary start of March.

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