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New Destiny Screens Land

A handful of new screens for Bungie's online, open-world FPS have appeared, highlighting the game's action, environments, and characters.

Click on the gallery to take a look at the shots and take it all in. Destiny appears on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on September 9.

For more on the game's early access program and more assets, check out our previous preview, and be sure to click on our cover story hub banner below.

[Source:PlayStation Tumblr]

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  • I love you Bungie.
  • Amazing! If they release a Destiny special edition console, I will probably die from excitement.
  • I really hope Destiny controls like Halo. I have always loved how the actual player movement felt.
  • I hope in Destiny the characters can be super unique. My dream character for Destiny would have a bright green mohawk and the personal ability to shoot dubstep from his hands.

    In all honesty from whats been shown of Destiny the game is pre-order worthy. Turtle rock studios please take notes on Destiny's law of the jungle trailer that was epic.  

  • September the 9th can't get here fast enough!
  • When can we get in the beta? :)
  • Preorderd the PS4 version to get in the early beta. Can't wait!
  • RIP borderlands October 20, 2009-September 9, 2014
  • Stop teasing me with images, I've seen enough, and that isn't making September 9th come any sooner. D:

  • i will be the first to beat the story  alone

  • I want to see this in action but I like how Bungie is keeping it under wraps mostly. Keeping the mystery alive!
  • every day is a day closer...
  • :D bungie is the reason i gave up on becoming a game developer. XD they are so awesome. anything i come up with will be called a rip off. so i gave up. bungie is the best developer in the world
  • Let's try this again, and hopefully this one won't get deleted.

    It seems as if they are making this game just for me. Thank you Bungie.

  • This game looks really good. I am just wondering if the Xbox One and PS4 versions are going to be equal. I do believe PS4 is the lead platform for development, so is the XB1 version just going to be a slightly inferior port than? Or what?
  • No PC love? ;'( My heart is broken....
  • Bungie.... I'm looking forward to this IP the most in 2014, I have super high hopes for it and I love the multiplayer/campaign they've chosen as it will finally bring me into the fold of multiplayer without using the traditional type.
  • Looks amazing! September will be here before we know it. So many great games to play and/or wait for this year. Us gamers are surely in for some treats!
  • Bah! Psh! These are all the screens from the magazine! You lied to me, Kato!

  • bungie is the premier console shooter developer in my opinion. Their games are tight mechanically, and well-balanced, but yet always introduce new ideas and better iterations of previous ones. Though normally their multi player has focused on more concise game systems, where there are a few weapons and items that all have distinct advantages and disadvantages, and resources are competed over on a classic arena structured map. I'm most excited to see how bungie's very concise and balanced style of design is implemented on larger, persistent open zones with procedurally generated content.
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