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Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare

New Garden Warfare Video Walks Through A Game Of Gardens & Graveyards

Gardens & Graveyards will be a familiar mode to practiced multiplayer shooter players, but it definitely has its own distinct Plants vs. Zombies flavor in Garden Warfare.

Along with showing off the new mode, which tasks zombies and plants with capturing assorted locations, along with a handful of other goals, the video also offers a healthy look at gameplay and the new map, Driftwood Shores.

Driftwood Shores has mountainous grasslands, castles, and pirate ships – a far cry from the familiar neighborhood map  we have been seeing in nearly every piece of media fro the game since its original announcement.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is coming to Xbox One and Xbox 360 on February 18.

[Source: Major Nelson]

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  • k. looks ok.hmm

  • I may have to pick this game up. Looks to be a fun a diff.

  • I may have to pick this game up. Looks to be a fun a diff.

  • I just can't seem to be able to get into this game
  • This reminds me a lot of Conker's Multiplayer, count me in.
  • I am actually really looking forward to this! Looks very fun and creative

  • looks great. reminds me of conked live and reloaded... looks like the plants have too great of an advantage though

  • I think this game looks really fun ^^

  • Cannot wait for this

  • This game is a day one buy for me, looking forward to some madness. Looks a lot better than COD or BF.
  • I had no interest in this game till my brother said he wanted it. So I looked up some gameplay vids, and now I can't wait till he gets it so we can play together!

  • Since I no longer have a cpu that works, this looks like it will scratch that Team Fortress 2 itch I have.

  • Oh that looks great! I sure hope it comes to PS4.
  • I was skeptical about this game at first, but now i think it looks great.

  • Is it just me or does the chomper look overpowered?
  • You know, I'm not a big fan of competitive multiplayer FPS's (mostly because of the players), but I don't think I can resist this one. It's just too damn cute.

  • Definitely picking this up, especially after hearing all the DLC is free.

  • This was one of the pleasant surprises from E3. I wasn't sure what to expect at first, but this looks great.