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Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct Launch Trailer Confirms The Return Of Fulgore

As the star of Killer Instinct's Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 box art, Fulgore has always been the poster child for the Killer Instinct franchise. We expected his return, but now we can confirm it.

Unfortunately, he won't be available with the game's release on Friday. He will be added to the roster in March. Another previously teased, now confirmed returning fighter, Spinal, will be available in January.

There are other exciting elements of the launch trailer, including plenty of gameplay from all those in the starting roster, and some of the interesting customization options that will be available. It also has what may be the most excited trailer announcer in the history of announcers. I don't think there will ever be anyone more excited to announce that something is exclusive to Xbox One that the announcer at the end of this trailer.

Our review of Killer Instinct isn't online yet, but it will be soon. In the meantime, you can read some of our preview impressions. Killer Instinct will be downloadable for the Xbox One when the console launches on Friday, November 22.

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  • While I am pretty content with my ps4, i'd be lying if I said I wasn't itching for a new fighter.. KI looks fun and its the main game i'm excited to play once I get my XB1. Orchid and Jago look cool so until fulgore releases, I may try those 2 out.

  • isn't this game free with day one editions
  • EXCELLENT! Now if only they will confirm Cinder I'm sold and set.
  • Mod
    I came for Fulgore, but suddenly I have a strange craving for Mounatin Dew and Doritoes.

    And these combos look ridiculously brutal. You know you're getting one hell of a beat-down when sparks are flying out of your body. I want it, I want it, I want it!
  • You know... I remember the announcer being excited when I played the original KI, but not like that. Sounds like he did a few grams of coke, downed a 48 ounce monster, and then ate all of his Halloween candy. All while doing jumping jacks.

  • If this wasn't an xbone exclusive I would be insanley excited.

  • It's great to hear that both Fulgore and Spinal will be added to the roster!

  • I remember so many frustrating afternoons playing the old Killer Instinct with my friends and playing that buddy that knew all the combos. Id literally just sit the controller down shaking my head sometimes as he blasted me for a 70+ hit combo...lol! ULTRA COMBO...SUPREME COMBO!!!
  • I've seen plenty of other reviews for Killer Instinct. Without a doubt this is a day one purchase for me. For everyone else you can download it for free. It may only come with Jago as a playable fighter, but it includes all the modes. No excuse to NOT pick this up!

  • Since Ryse was a colossal failure, KI is now my top reason to get an Xbox One.
  • I swear the Killer Instinct announcer has nothing but pure hype running through his veins. Probably one of my favorite announcers for a game ever.

    Gonna try this game out at a friend's since he's getting the Xbox One at launch. I'm probably gonna end up getting a PS4 since one game alone, even one as beloved as Killer Instinct, isn't enough for me to get a console.

  • Awesome.

    This game is so tempting

  • Soooooo much hype!!!!!

  • Well, in lieu of GameInformer's review, there's is 73 at Metacritic to go by: http://www.metacritic.com/game/xbox-one/killer-instinct (Note: depending on when you view this, the number may have changed.)
  • So awesome.

  • All we really want to know is if Orchid will still have her flashing finisher.

  • I'm still waiting for Spinal to be brought back. Along with Fulgore and Sabrewulf, Spinal is immediately what I think of when I think of Killer Instinct.
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