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Dying Light

The Brilliant Lighting Of Techland's Newest Game

Take a closer look at the technology behind Dying Light. Citing the new hardware power (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), Techland developed a physically based lighting engine with their in-house system.

The Chrome Engine 6 will debut with Dying Light, which features dazzling lighting effects and a day and night cycle. Techland plans to use their new engine to bring players closer to their beautiful zombie-infested, free-running-friendly city. We've already seen some of the striking visuals and impressive free-running that the four-player co-op game has to offer. 

See for yourself. In the video below, Techland gives us a first look at the Old Town location  with the new lighting system. 

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  • Took me about 5 try's to say that title right.
  • You had way too much fun titling this post.
  • Neat, I thought this was current-gen only for some reason. I'm really interested to see how this pans out. Parkour is just a fun time. As are zombies, of course.

  • Dat title... O_O

    Anyway the lighting looks great!
  • Lighting is one of those things that most people don't even think about, but can completely make or break the atmosphere and mood. It helps make the game that much more believable. This looks amazing and I can't wait to see it in use.
  • What a title

  • Pretty good. It's good to see lighting can get better in other ways that turning the bloom up to 5000, which I personally hate

  • Please don't be buggy as Dead Island.  I understand a game has bugs, but please... if you do release it that messed, patch it this time.

  • Oh right, I had forgotten about this game. I would never have clicked this story either, if not for that amazing article title.

  • ZOMBIES! oh....

  • Yeah, that article title is why I'm posting here.  Had to do a double take.  

  • I'm super into lighting in games. This gen opened my eyes to how cool realistic lighting looks in a game. GTA 5 and Dragons Dogma are the best examples to mind blowing realistic lighting.
  • Holy crap that title is a mouthful haha! Love it! :)

  • Why isn't this tagged with the PS4 logo? Does it really need to have the XBONE tag on it?
  • The name of the Artical sounds like a tongue twister: "Techland's Tech Demo Demos Dying Light's Lighting" LOL!

  • This trailer reminds me of the synchronization views from Assassin's Creed.

  • Nice...true next geness....KILL CURRENT GEN!!!! Just kidding

  • I tried to read the title of this article out loud 3 times fast. Didn't make it past the firs time.

  • This is beautiful alright.

  • That looked like a current gen game to me, not a next gen game.
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