With Halloween approaching, the team at Zenimax Online has revealed new information about one of Tamriel’s most terrifying creatures. Werewolves will be present in The Elder Scrolls Online, and players will even risk contracting Sanies Lupines, the disease which causes the affliction.

The team has shared some concept art (above) and a screenshot of what the beasts will look like in-game. We also have learned that those afflicted will have a full transformation animation, drawing inspiration from film scenes, but with a healthy dose of Elder Scrolls flavor.

The information also teases that there might be PvP elements that come into play as players reveal themselves to be werewolves. “We want you to be able to launch yourself into a frenzied killing spree and feel the uncontrollable strength granted to you by the transformation,” the team writes. “As you can imagine, witnessing a werewolf reveal its true form is disturbing, and it’s certainly an event that will strike fear into those who happen to observe it.”

Werewolves will have their own skill line, so players can expect to get a full experience as a lycanthrope should they be turned. The team went so far as to reference video of animals feasting on prey and used a mixture of human and beastial noises to give the werewolf its own audio profile.

The Elder Scrolls Online is slated for a 2014 release on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. You can read an extensive preview from Gamescom to learn more about how the team at Zenimax Online is adapting the series to an MMO format.

[Source: The Elder Scrolls Online]