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Fighter Within

Kinect 2.0 Allows Friends To Work Out Tensions With Vicious Virtual Violence

Ubisoft has released the first gameplay trailer for Fighter Within, its upcoming Xbox One fighting game that utilizes the Kinect 2.0. The video shows off the game's beautiful graphics and brutal combat. Also, according to the trailer, the game features multiple characters with different fighting styles and players can interact with the environment in fights.

Fighter Within hits Xbox One on November 19, three days before the console's release date. Check out GI Editor Tim Turi's hands-on preview of the game and watch the trailer below.

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  • When did Kratos and Nariko turn into multi-console characters? o.O
  • I hope this game is good, the Kinect needs a legit fighting game. I'm still not sure how you're supposed to pull off those sick flip-kicks and mid-air head grabs without a controller.
  • I'm hoping if anything that this game is at least fun to play, God forbid a game be fun. However, since this is a Ubisoft exclusive launch title and with their history of launch titles being okay to bad, benefit of the doubt, we shall see Ubisoft, we shall see...

  • I'm excited to try this, but I also question, like others, how we are expected to pull off such moves.  I agree with @Leo Vader in that I would almost prefer a more "basic" combat style.  I think a first-person boxing game (not on the Wii) would be awesome!  

  • I'll say this: The game looks great. But I hope it plays as great.
  • Judging by Tim's time with the game, it looks exactly like Wii Boxing without the Wiimote. Super cool.

  • It would be cool if they could combine this with Oculus Rift. That would be a truly amazing fighting game. Then again, I see myself inflicting actual bodily harm on my person doing this in a small apartment.

  • the game definitely looks good, I just hope it plays well. I'd love to have a game that lets me virtually fight my friends without a controller

  • This will attract some gamers mostly non lazy ones. Really I only plan on using my kinect for voice and skype let my wife and son play with it but if they bring some good games for it ill use it

  • Watch actual gameplay footage of this. Its seriously horrible.
  • How does it feature characters with multiple fighting styles? Shouldn't they have whatever fighting style your random, tired flails give them? lol :)

  • I wish Ubi Soft would just make a normal-controlling fighting game. They clearly have been dancing around it for awhile. The Kinect received Fighter's Uncaged (or something) from Ubi too, and they did those awesome Naruto games for the 360 that featured some serious fighting game engineering (it's not like fighting in that was some depth-free minigame, y'know?).

    I'd bet money that there's a team at Ubi Soft who really wants to make a fighter, but it's like they're too scared to take on Tekken, Street Fighter, Dead or Alive, etc. Just because they're established and been iterating on winning formulas for decades. But that's why there's an opportunity there. New gamers want to find their fighting game, and established fight fans want to see new mechanics experimented on. That's why we're so happy to see Killer Instinct, even PS4 fans are looking at that one and seeing some awesome stuff.

    C'mon Ubi Soft. Bring us a real fighting game, lay off these gimmicks. Do something unique with it. If it looks as good as this, we'll take notice. :)

  • Most of the games i see on xbone have better graphics than the one on ps4!!!!! As a person who has made his mind around buying ps4 already, these facts are annoying, i dont want to experience those *** days of ps3 once again in this generation too.