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NBA Live 14

EA Is Really Going To Release NBA Live 14 (We Think)

Just yesterday, 2K Sports showed off footage of NBA 2K14 running on PlayStation 4. Today, EA Sports has fired back with NBA Live 14 footage. After a hiatus (and canceled twice) since fall 2009, the series looks like it will be back this fall.

NBA Live 14 is running on EA Sports' new Ignite engine (just like Madden 25). It's slated for release on November 19, 2013, on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You can check it out in action below.

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  • Mod
    Now, I'm not one to judge a game by its trailer, but that looks laughably wooden, stiffly-animated, and overall emotionless. I think it's time for EA to put this sick dog out of its misery.
  • Yeah, this looks almost as good as NBA Live '10. Are you kidding EA? Surely no one can ask why 2K has the better basketball game....This isn't even comparable to what 2K does. Lol. At least all those diehard EA fanboys finally get a b'ball game again.
  • This looks so bad. I was hoping it would overcome it's problems and take the throne, but not by the looks of this. Glad I preordered 2k14 for Xbox One.
  • Ewwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Those are some clean armpits...

    I haven't enjoyed the series since NBA 2004, which I have signed by Ben Wallace for Original Xbox.
  • ea just do every sport but basketball 2k i think has your number.

  • MEH

  • nba live fan's well here it is enjoy your game of B-Ball.......aaaaahahahahahaha.........

  • ..............That is the sound of millions of basketball fans not caring EA. I can say with almost complete certainty that this game will suck.

  • I don't know much about sports games, but that other Basket Ball one coming for next gen looks a lot nicer. Also, the AC4 ad that came right before was much better and more interesting than this one.

  • This game looks terrible.

  • I wouldn't say it LOOKS great. but i'm 100% sure it will PLAY better than the competition. 2K plays so badly I cannot stand to play it again. Not trolling either, I seriously can't stand how 2K plays. And EA looks like it's going for substance vs style. yesss. (although I honestly want to wait until NEXT year to buy any sports game; I feel like if people don't buy Live it may not show up next year. )
  • lol. Fullscreened the video, and got the Ubi Soft ACIV ad with the "Click to Watch the Pirate Heist Trailer" video. My thoughts? "Man, this year's NBA Live looks WAY different than I thought it was gonna!" :D

  • THe game looks great. I like the stylized look of the presentation and it looks like the characters have a lot of work in them.
  • Kyrie, why'd you gotta endorse this, man...

  • After being out of the market that long I think it's going to be really tough for EA to compete with 2K and their incredible track record.
  • This looks amazing. Come on Live, time to crush the competition.
  • Both games seem to have the body motions down, but the facial animation is still unconvincing for me...

  • This looks like crap compared to the 2k14 trailer that was released yesterday

  • Kyrie Irving should be appalled by this game. He is the best point guard  in the league (when he is not injured) and you give him this crap. I saw no defense, no dribbling and everyone looks the same height. EA go stand in the corner until Kyrie comes to deal with you.

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