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Forza Motorsport 5

Forza 5 Video Highlights The Xbox One Controller's Impulse Triggers

The Xbox One's impulse triggers are an important distinguishing feature for the console, but they are difficult to appreciate without holding an Xbox One controller in your hand. This video with Forza 5 developer Turn 10 attempts to explain their importance and how they provide feedback to the player.

I wouldn't be surprised if after the release of the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One's impulse triggers became a large bullet point advantage amongst debaters for Microsoft's console over Sony's. My experience with the triggers has been brief so far, but they are very efficient in changing the way interaction feels.

You can check out the video below where Xbox Live's Larry Hyrb and Turn 10's Dan Greenwalt talk about the triggers and how they influenced the development of Forza Motorsport 5.

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  • this game is magnifico

  • Yawn. I've always turned off the rumble "feature" in every game b/c it's a distraction and an annoyance. Kinda like 3D glasses and 3D in general.
  • main reason for me to get an Xbox one

  • Microsoft: Yeah we got Feedback from developers too! Please we care about you don't leave!

    Kinda fake to be honest

  • And yet Gran Turismo and the GT Academy has turned pros at the game into pros in reality just with the experience they had playing the game. So much so that they can compete on the same level as drivers who have been on the tracks for years. So...yeah. Forza just isn't that interesting as a racing sim with that in mind.

    Plus I'm just not excited about impulse triggers. Definitely not a "bullet point" for the XBONE, and many people don't seem to realize the touchpad on the PS4 controller also functions as another button, as it's clickable. Really neither sounds all that groundbreaking, but the potential for the touchpad seems much higher than some triggers that are overshadowed by the main rumble anyways. With how "subtle" they're supposed to be, they strike me as more of an annoyance than anything else.

  • Had a chance to play Forza at PAX, the impulse triggers are actually pretty neat. I know he said this, but you can feel the tires slipping or the brakes locking up. Demos have seemed a little bare though, I hope it's not a rushed release; there's always that concern with launch titles.

  • Even though I'm splurging on a PS4 first, when I do get an Xbox One, this is going to be one of the first games I get for it.

  • the ONLY reason why im getting an X1..one of nintendo's best innovations has been the rumble pack and now it seems that microsoft will make it better than before..and and i the only who rather turn the rumble off on the wii U cause it feels like crap?
  • Not enough gameplay footage shown. Too much of actually seeing these dudes talk which I really did not need to see.

  • The problem with the Forza series is not something rumble can fix.

    It's attention to detail.  Every single Forza game has had the redline and fuel-shut off wrong for every single car.  It's a glaring oversight that I never see mentioned in reviews, and it makes some of the engine upgrades totally meaningless.

    Granted that's a relatively minor thing, but given how much work went into improving the incredibly sloppy suspension simulation from Forza 2 to 3, and again from 3 to 4, I have to wonder what else they haven't quite got right.

    Forza is fun because it allows you to build Frankencars - things that would never happen in real life, and it does a pretty good job approximating how they'd drive in real life.  And it allows people with incredible artistic talent dream up some pretty wild paint schemes.  But GT has always been the better simulator (and I don't even have a PS3 to play it).