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Forza Motorsport 5

Forza 5 Video Highlights The Xbox One Controller's Impulse Triggers

The Xbox One's impulse triggers are an important distinguishing feature for the console, but they are difficult to appreciate without holding an Xbox One controller in your hand. This video with Forza 5 developer Turn 10 attempts to explain their importance and how they provide feedback to the player.

I wouldn't be surprised if after the release of the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One's impulse triggers became a large bullet point advantage amongst debaters for Microsoft's console over Sony's. My experience with the triggers has been brief so far, but they are very efficient in changing the way interaction feels.

You can check out the video below where Xbox Live's Larry Hyrb and Turn 10's Dan Greenwalt talk about the triggers and how they influenced the development of Forza Motorsport 5.

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  • I absolutely cannot wait to try out Forza 5 and that new Xbox One controller, I love that Microsoft didn't mess with it too much, but rather used gamer input to simply improve what was the best controller already. November 22nd can't get here quick enough!
  • Where's The Car Geek when you need him?
  • Why didn't anyone think of this before? (impulse triggers and levels of rumble I mean)

  • I really didn't even notice the rumble in the triggers when I played Forza 5. I don't get why everyone talks about it like it's such a big deal. It sure as hell isn't a godd*mn "bullet point advantage" for the Xbox One. I think the PS4 has a lot more enticing advantages on its side than rumbling triggers.
  • The Xbox One controller is pretty much perfect though. I prefer it to the Dualshock 4, but it has nothing to do with the "impulse triggers." It's because of how comfortable the controller sits in your hands.
  • - "Well I heard enough, I wanna get behind the wheel and check it out, let's do it."

    - "Alright."

    *Shows 5 micro clips of gameplay and ends trailer with title*

    Thanks for that... Way to clearly demonstrate it in action guys. You're transitions sucked by the way.

    Great controller concept, poor trailer execution.
  • I'm skipping out on the X-Box One whenever the time to get a next-gen console comes, but I indeed envy X-Box One owners for that sweet controller. It's easily the best stepping stone to the 360, probably the best controller made so far.
  • man i cant wait to hold that amazing looking controller

  • I really like the feed back the 360 controllers give me when I play Forza 4. So I'm really excited to see how the new controllers and impulse triggers feel with Forza 5!
  • That controller looks sexy AF

  • I can't wait to hold one for myself!!!

  • Having just played this game today, it was amazing! Best controller I've ever handled!

  • Although I'm sure I won't be picking up an Xbox One, I must say I'm really interesting in feeling the rumble in the controller for myself. It definitely sounds like an interesting concept and one that adds to the experience if executed properly. I hope they can pull it off with more than just driving games. I would love to see it implemented into a stealth game.

  • I guess they do sound neat, but I honestly don't see how big of a difference this will make, other than relentlessly draining your battery life.
  • Why i can't see the video ? :|
    Anyone knows how to solve the problem?
  • How exactly would triggers on a controller make me want to get one console over another? Impulse triggers are definitely not a "large bullet point advantage" to choose one console over another.

    Also, Major Nelson is a Major Jackass
  • Just acknowledge a cool feature. It won't change your love for the Playstation. FFS people. It's like you go out of your way to be unimpressed. I guess I'm lucky, I allow myself to be impressed by anything great. No matter what name heralded it in.
  • Do you think there will ever come a point when a simple video showing something NEW can just be watched and enjoyed without some turd hi-jacking the comment section with idiotic fanboyism? Both consoles look great. Grow up and stop taking everything so personal. If you can't handle an xbone video, DON'T WATCH IT!!

  • Where ever there is xbox new fanboys are sure to follow god I can wait for the consoles to come out this bull crap is making feel dumb for being a gamer.

  • Does this mean you have to press buttons in order for the controller to shake? Sounds the opposite of intelligent design to me when you have a DS3 that automatically rumbles when required.

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