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Dead Rising 3

New Dead Rising 3 Screens Show Off Super Combo Weapons

Yesterday we shared with you news of Dead Rising 3's co-op features. Today, we're getting a look at some of the over-the-top weapons you can create.

Some of the weapons include the Ultimate Powershout, a concussive horn; the Ultimate Grim Reaper, a flaming katana scythe; and the Massive Bomb, a nuclear bomb that blows up zombies and disintegrates your clothing. All of these require multiple blueprints and steps to create.

The super-combo weapons can also be customized, including the Freedom Bear. As an example, it can be designed as it was in Dead Rising 2 (dual machine guns) or in one of seven other variants that include grenade launchers and a zombie-disorienting boom box.

You can see some of these in action in the screenshots below and read more about Dead Rising 3 from Gamescom in our current issue.

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  • I gotta say when DR2 hit store shelves it looked like the stupidest game I had seen in sometime. I remember reading about it and thinking what a child's play activity. All snobby like with my Castlevania and Final Fantasy games just purchased. BUT after Xbox some years later let us try it for free and keep it if we liked, I was amazed at how much fun it was. I could not stop smiling. It's pure video game joy. I feel like such an ass now. Oh well DR3 is a day one buy! Learn from your mistakes children.
  • Dead rising was the reason I bought my first 360. And eventually dead rising 3 will be the reason i buy the xbox one.
  • This games looks fun.
  • Wow... that all looks.... kind of stupid. I mean, the steamroller motorcycle is cool I suppose but those other two "things" just look downright silly in comparison.
  • This stuff looks silly but fun as hell to use. just like good times killing zombies whit whacky things in the past 2 games good times..

  • This stuff looks silly but fun as hell to use. just like good times killing zombies whit whacky things in the past 2 games good times..

  • Graphics really don't look "next gen"...doesn't even look as good as crisis 1 which came out in 2007...
  • Yep, this has now passed BF4 as my most anticipated launch title. They are making all the right moves with this game (large open world, no loading screens, co-op, etc.) and keeping the silliness that made the series unique in the first place.

  • This looks pretty damn cool, I must say. I played the original and liked it except for all the timed missions. Wasn't interested in the second and won't have an XBO to play this one. Still, looks cool as hell.

  • This will be the best dead rising yet.Twice as big no load times,easier weapon crafting.To bad I won't be playing it,got a ps4.After going thru six Xboxes,sony won me.Maybe xboxone will be made better this time.

  • I thought I couldn't get more excited for this game but after hearing of the Ultimate grim reaper and massive bomb, I know that's possible.

  • No release on PC? Mehh...

  • You mean we can now combine combo weapons? This is heavenly...

  • PS4 pleases
  • Dead Rising is good fun. Not a system seller but worth playing.

  • These Pics Look Like It A Story Mission Part Of The Game