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Need for Speed Rivals

EA And Ghost Games Talk Personalization In New Trailer

Need for Speed: Rivals is bringing personalization back to the series. In a new trailer from Ghost Games, you'll get a look at some of the ways you can tweak your ride's performance and paint.

The latest entry in the arcade racing series will offer a variety of customization options, including dirty tricks like spike strips and EMPs. Instead of paint jobs, police will unlock different versions of the same vehicle with different properties.

Need for Speed: Rivals will arrive on November 19, 2013 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will be coming later. For more on car customization, check out our preview from Gamescom 2013.

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  • Mod
    I see a fair amount of color and decal features, but where's the body-modding? The custom bumpers, hoods, and vents? I'm pretty skeptical about the personalization features of Rivals, mostly because the series hasn't had any true customization since Prostreet.
  • wow. The paint. Really? That's it?
  • I'm sorry but who ever buys this is getting ripped off. Oh you can change the color of your car! Come on every other racer on the market you can mod the car inside out! Way to go back to the Super Nintendo era EA! This is just as bad as CoD showing off fish! Sorry I just had to put it out there bc I'm very let down by this game in the series.
  • NFS has been lame for so many years...Typical EA not listening to what the consumer wants.
  • EA should make a car customization game just to keep the babies at bay.
    90%.of you can't even keep the car intact, so why pretty it up?
  • I honestly don't care how barebone the customizations are, I think racing gamers have been spoiled with it, I agree it is cool that you can but people really need to stop complaining about it.

    Watch, there will be another one like Underground/Most Wanted, you just gotta be patient =)

  • Cool I'll wait for reviews though. In the meantime I'll be playing Forza 5

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  • While I appreciate the idea of there being different variants of police cars (much as you have for, say, combat aircraft), I don't see why there can't be different color schemes as well (while you couldn't choose the police paint schemes in previous iterations, there were certainly no shortage of them).

    It seems, to me, an unexplored customization opportunity: color scheme, maybe even light bar coloration and sirens as well.  In terms of real life, should the devs want to tap that pool, a quick search would turn up several schemes among US police departments - and things would get interesting once you decide to wander further afield.

  • I'm starting to think that you guys care more about customization than actually gameplay and graphics. I'm sorry could have sworn this was a racing game and not west coast customs. My bad guys!
  • body kits would have me sold but still looking forward just not as much

  • Wait, is this seriously it? Just being able to change the paint color of your car? Wow. This is just sad. What happened to all of the other parts of the cars you could customize, like the body, the bumpers, and maybe even the inside? That's very bare-bone to only include being able to change the paint color. Well, it looks like i'm not buy Rivals. For the record, i'm not buying it just because of this, but I am not buying it because I, so far, don't see many differences between Most Wanted and Rivals that make me want to buy it.

  • It looks like it could be the best NFS in recent years. I personally thought Most Wanted was bleh, Horizon was the best open world racer last year IMO, the Run was awful, and Hot Pursuit was good but it got so frustrating to me I traded it in (it pissed me off to no end that cpu civilian drivers wouldn't pull over). On the other hand, they really are overplaying the customization. Being able to paint your car is not very special and Forza does it MUCH better. I think it would be cool for the next installment to bring back all the old school customization like body kits, hoods, spoilers, etc. and then add in new stuff like grill guards for more damage or roll cages to protect your vehicle. Idk. Food for thought. Also, anyone excited that Ferrari is making a return to NFS? I know I am.

  • HEAR THIS EA! THE CUSTOMIZATION IS ! _N_O_T__G_O_O_D!!! Give us the Vinyl creator NFS Carbon has and the body customization that NFS Underground 2 has!
  • I'm actually kind of burned out on NFS right now for some reason. Maybe it's just because The Run wasn't my favorite entry at the time...

  • Wow, talk about a lot of options, NFS really outdid itself. *sarcasm* Why don't they just bring back bodykits and all the stupid neon lights we can handle and laugh at? That's all we want.

  • Looks like a Criterion title from top to bottom, meaning I'm already sold. I could give a *** less about customization as long as it plays as well as Hot Pursuit or Most Wanted.

  • Where are the body kits

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