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Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare

Take A Look At The Game's Zombie Classes

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare was one of the pleasant surprises of this year's E3. This new trailer shows off the game's zombie classes.

It's also a nice look into the game's menu system and interface, which looks both intuitive but seems packed with options. More superficially, the video impresses visually, showing off the game's gonzo, cartoonish look. Our excitement for Garden Warfare continues to grow.

  • Mod
    A few of my friends were saying that this looks horrible, but in my opinion, it looks pretty fun. One of the games I wouldn't mind checking out on the XOne.
  • I still have trouble believing this is an actual game but it does look like it has the potential to be pretty fun
  • Oh wait this is an exclusive? That sucks. Guess I'll never get to play this awesomeness.
  • This looks more and more promising...........should be a nice change to the usual video game formula. And it looks really good!!!!!! (graphic wise)

  • GI, just thought to let you know this game is coming to PC as well. and titanfall is too. Might wanna change/add to that platform sign at the top. ^^
  • loved plant vs zombies.. cant wait for this one and dr3

  • Hmmmmm....

  • Was this trailer officially released today? I think I saw this at Gamescon.

  • Can't wait to play it!

  • Reminds me of Battlefront. I wonder if it'll be F2P? That's a model that seems to be working quite well for Popcap.
  • Oh my gosh this looks to be hilarious!!

  • Mod

    The trailer is awesome.  The game looks pretty cool! I sure hope it comes to PC.

  • I can't describe how epic this is looking.

  • This only going to be one the ONE? or are current gen going to get it too?

  • This looks freaking awesome!! I just hope that it will come to PS3 or PS4...

  • I can't wait until it's released on PS4.

  • cute CGI trailer and all.... BUT HOW THE HELL DOS THE GAME PLAY?!?!? I don't judge games by CGI trailers and ur a fool if you do.
  • GOTY, for the next ten years.

  • So far this game is hitting all the right notes as far as advertisement is concerned, just hope they don't overdue it.

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