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Fighter Within

Punching, Kicking, And Sweating Though A Fight

Earlier this week I was surprised by the time I spent playing Rare's Kinect Sports Rivals. The Kinect's upgrades to responsiveness and accuracy are immediately apparent when steering an invisible jet ski. My surprise continued when checking out Ubisoft's motion-controlled fighter, Fighter Within. I squared off against a European journalist to test my might. See if all the sweat I shed was worth it.

Players deliver virtual blows in Fighter Within by punching and kicking the air, ducking, jumping, and striking specific poses. Leaning forwards and backwards makes you dash, allowing you to dodge or close the gap. You can also throw your opponent and block, completing the core rock, paper, scissors fighting game formula. Check it out in action below.

Out of the gate it's not the deepest experience, but Fighter Within feels like I imagine a motion-controlled fighter should. It feels accurate by Kinect standards, but given the disappointment of the peripheral's 360 iteration, that's not saying much. We'll have to spend more time with Fighter Within when it launches with the Xbox One in November before we know how the shadow boxing antics hold up during extended play sessions.

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  • Hopefully there isn't any random flailing...

    EDIT: This game looks terrible...
  • This looks promising.
  • This looks... okay. I can easily see it going horribly wrong though.
  • Mod
    This looks really boring and like it doesn't need any skill. But then again, the whole room seems pretty dead, so that could be the reason that this looks terrible.
  • Hold up, hold up, hold up... is that Kratos and Nariko i'm seeing in those screenshots or are my eyes going bad? o.O
  • Mod
    Is that Kratos in the top left?
  • I don't even know what to say...
  • Queue the flail fest.

  • This looks pretty bad. Seems very unresponsive.
  • Kinectbox. Totally worth it.
  • I can't wait to watch this at EVO 2014 lol.

  • Fat kids everywhere watch and despair.
  • Go Tim!

  • i will wait  until they make the matrix

  • Looks like Nariko in that one picture haha.

  • I've never really understood what group Kinect games like these (I.E. ones outside of the minigame and fitness area), are supposed to target. I mean, people who don't play games consistently don't really care an just like to flail around with friends at parties and with their kids, and most likely wouldn't be interested in a game like this.  

    But people who do (Most people on this site) know that the connect is terrible, an would never spend their hard earned cash on this. And even if the game isn't downright terrible, they would never play this game seriously and only use it to goof off with buddies.

    Granted, I've always thought it was foolish for 'motion controls' to venture outside of the minigame and party area, and try to capture a 'hardcore' crowd. If I'm going to play a serious game, I'll use a controller.

    I'll shut it now. I'm just saying what people have been saying for years.

  • YEAHR!!! Farming Simulator 2013 comes out 6 September 2013.

  • I loled so hard.

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