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The Crew

New The Crew Trailer Walks Players Through Building A Crew

The latest trailer for The Crew walks players through how to fast travel, how to build a crew, and the assorted types of races available in the open world.

You can also check out a new batch of screens for the game below, where players can re-enact the iconic scene from North by Northwest, except instead of players taking on the role of Cary Grant, they're a car.

The Crew is coming to PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 early next year.

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  • As much as I am interested in this game it's hard to get past the horrible looking driving physics..
  • This looks pretty good. I'm going to have to get another job.

    @1:20. Is that Gordon Freeman or Walter White?
  • When Kim and Kanye's daughter grows up, her biography will be called "North by Northwest"

  • Looks pretty awesome. When it launches next year, I might just look into it on the PS4.

  • Is it just me, or seems that Ubi is going to own the first two years of the next gen??? With Watch Dogs, the Crew, AC: Black Flag, and the Division…..
  • But it's a MMO ...

  • any cards that aren't ford or chevy?.... YUCK!
  • This game looks great. I love arcade style racers and this is looking to scratch that itch. Still, I wish there was a new Ridge Racer like R4.

  • Okay, wtf? Sometimes I hear that Ubi Soft Reflections (Driver) is developing this, sometimes it's Eden Studios (Test Drive Unlimited). Not Game Informer says Ivory Tower? I never even heard of a developer named Ivory Towers.

    Did Eden Studios get shut down when Atari closed? Did members of that group reform under the Ivory Towers banner, and is this title co-developed between them and Refelections? What a weird situation. It's hurting my head. All I want is a gauge as to whether or not this will be any good. I loved Test Drive Unlimited, but hate Driver San Francisco and it's stupid, unfun, super heavy driving model. Completely un-arcadey. Whoever thinks THAT is arcadey is pretty stupid, and should go play some Burnout Revenge or Trackmania before saying it's arcadey ever again. I also hate Ubi Soft's "this is basically an MMO, because money & reasons" attitude towards this game... but seriously, if any TDU members are involved in this, I don't want to write this off. I want to know what's up with this game.

    Even though, let's face it, this is probably the least major of the big driving games coming in Q4 (November-to-February window). It's going up against the next Forza AND Gran Tourismo titles. As well as the new Need for Speed and Driveclub... both of which do pretty much a lot of the same forced "social" BS and world features, but are bigger brands in the case of NFS and in the case of Driveclub, you have Sony marketing power behind it (not to mention, Evolution's awesome track record with Motorstorm).

  • i just hope that down at its roots its still a real racing game.. namely single player oriented and this "crew" thing is secondary it looks fantastic but if its not what i expect sorry ubisoft its gunna be a no o for me.. just make it deeply customizable with many in game cars...