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Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

Max: The Curse Of Brotherhood Heading To Xbox One

Today, Max developer Press Play has announced that Max: The Curse Of Brotherhood is no longer an Xbox 360 exclusive. It will be coming to Xbox One, as well.

The Xbox One version is planned for release in in early 2014, according to Press Play's blog.

For more on Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, check out our E3 coverage for the game and the latest trailer.

[Source: Press Play]

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  • I thought this was known.
  • lol. Didn't they show this off in the part of E3 where they said "We're still supporting 360 with a bunch of exclusives!"? But anyway, good for Xbone.

  • cool.

  • Creepy smile Max has there...

  • Never heard of it.

    EDIT: Just watched a trailer for it. It's a fantastic looking platformer. Too bad it's a Xbox360/One exclusive.
  • Mod
    Whoever put that pic there with Max mimicking Don Mattrick is a genius. I laughed my ass off the second I saw it.
  • Is there gonna be anything different otherwise i dont see the point unless just to try to get more sales for the dev