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Fable Legends

Heroes Unite In Lionhead Studio's Newest RPG

Fables Legends isn’t an MMO; it’s an online game where teams of four can leave their mark on the world of Albion.

Lionhead Studio's Fable series has been about progressing through time and watching how your actions effect and change the world around you, but the studio's newest Fable title goes back in time to explore a world full of myth a legend. The game is running on Unreal 4 and looks lush and vivid, but also retains the classic cartoonish Fable art style.

Players start the game in the town of Brightlodge where you can participate in the usual Fable distractions of playing minigames, seducing barmaids, and discover new quests.Once you're ready to tackle some quests, you can join a team of adventurers. You can have up to three AI controlled companions in your party, but the game will probably be more fun if you jump online and have three friends join your quest instead.

Our quest was to find the mystical Moon on a Stick. Legend has it that the Moon on a Stick was a rare piece of rock that so many children have wished on that it has taken some mystical powers and their wishes have come true. Our adventurers are on a quest to find this artifact and use it to save the world.

The unique wrinkle to Fable Legends' gameplay is that fellow online friends can also play as the game's villains. During online battles, a real life player can manage the attacks and placement of enemies, and using RTS-like strategies try to overwhelm the heroes actions.

"Fable is often about sharing an experience," says game director Dave Eckelberry. We watched as a couple heroes attacked a group of goblins in an open battlefield while a mage watched their backs from a higher platform. Players will have to work together if they want to survive the villains overwhelming attacks. Check out the first batch of assets as well as an announcement trailer below.

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  • Hate to be a grammar nazi, but in the 3rd paragraph you use the word "your" incorrectly. It should be "you're", but I'm sure you knew that. To be on topic though, I hope this good. I was always underwhelmed by the final product of the Fable series. Probably because of the unmet promises.
  • I know it's not an MMO in the perceived negative connotation or stigma some people associate with it but doesn't it play pretty damn similar? I mean 5 players traversing an ever changing environment dungeon crawling loot diving and all the lore to boot? It's got at least some positive elements of a good one or at least they think so. They being Lionhead who no longer has major hype Peter Molyneaux. I consider this Fable 4 but with an MMO slant. Is that fair? Well whatever I'm getting it.
  • I have so many questions....
  • It doesn't sound too bad. I'm happy Fable is changing though. Hopefully for the better.

  • I'm interested but cautious...
  • It's good that Fable is still around after that bad Kinect game, but I was expecting (and hoping for) another single player experience.
  • I'm gong to wait for more info on this one. I don't want to get my hopes up on a "new" Fable game and have it fall flat. Only time will tell.

  • I have no questions.. After the original Fable this series has dwindled into oblivion.. Good to see some changes though.

  • they forgot its  five player co-op.   the 5th player is the villain.

  • soooo... what we all thought fable 2s' online would be like.
  • Is the narrator Dumbledore?
  • Battle Ready Armor? Check.
  • A third Fable game that is a departure from the first three Fable games?

  • Jack of Blades is back!!!

  • It sounds good, but i still want a new single player.

    Hopefully they'll announce that for their next game

  • i cant wait

  • Super exciting. My Wife loves these games. I hope that you can do multi-player from one console and not only online. Get a group of friends at the house on 4 controllers that could be a good time!

  • I like the multiplayer component, but I hate that it is forced into single player... I don't want to be that guy, but this game sounds like it's going to blow. Why can't they just take a standard RPG adventure formula, polish it to perfection, and give it the typical Fable charm? Sigh.
  • Oh please,as if I'm really gonna let myself get excited for another Fable game that even sounds horrible. No Lionhead,just make a proper sequel already and stop being lazy or let Fable die.
  • gosh darnit. Now i can't decide if I want PS4 or Xbox One. ; - ;

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