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Dead Rising 3

Killing Zombies With Fire-Breathing Steam Rollers

The newest trailer for Dead Rising 3 shows all the advantages of being a skilled mechanic in the zombie apocalypse.

Dead Rising 3's new protagonist, Nick Ramos, knows his way around a mechanics tool-shed (and duct-tape). Unfortunately he is not so good at introducing himself to the ladies. As you will see in the latest Dead Rising 3 trailer, which IGN currently holds the exclusive on, Nick can fasten a a buzzsaw to a sledgehammer without even stopping to catch his breath, but it takes him hours of being safely holed up in a mechanics workshop with a woman to share his name.

To see the new trailer, which really is quite impressive, head over to IGN.

Dead Rising 3 is coming exclusively to Xbox One in November.

Update 8/20/13: Capcom has released the trailer to everyone else.

[Source: IGN via Capcom Unity]

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  • Funny

  • This game caught my attention at E3, glad Microsoft fronted the development cash and are publishing it, otherwise it wouldn't be getting made at all. Already have it pre-ordered, and I'm currently playing through my free copies of Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising Case Zero thanks to Games For Gold!
  • Oh hell yes. Steam roller. Motorcycle. Sign me up now pls.

  • Damn November can't come soon enough. I need to play this Asap. That Trailer was Boss! That part was funny at 1:25 when his car flipped and he got out and said F***. I'm going to make all kinds of crazy stuff.
  • Am I the only one that is sick and tired of zombie games, this has no appeal to me whatsoever. There are just too many out there, this looks like a generic hack and slash zombie game to me. Hope the people getting it have fun with it though.
  • This is my first Next-Gen game.

  • This game was the reason I preordered the Day One Edition. PS4 + Xbox One = working lots of OT.
  • great! with that bike now you can cook zombies and smash them at the same time. LOL
  • Only game I want for the X1 but I cant really justify buying it for just this yet...time to play the waiting game...

  • That motorcycle looked amazing and ridiculous.

  • Its sad that they had to side to one system. It looks like a good game but i'm not cashing in $500 to buy a Xbox one when I will have a PS4. Its like having both a Iphone and a Android. Sure one can do some things the other can't and vice versa but overall you really only need one system. If it was a few years later tho with a BIG backlog of AAA 1st party games then that is a totally different situation.
  • I recently finished the free Dead Rising 2: Case 0 DLC and I enjoyed every second!  I will probably purchase Dead Rising 3 for Christmas on my Xbox One.  Exclusive FTW!!!

  • The first dead rising brought me to the xbox and now it's doing it again
  • Wow that trailer looks amazing. I think I might get this after all even though I'm not into zombie games. i should play through the free dead rising 2 on xbox to get a taste.

    I am soo excited for next gen when I see these kinda graphics. Reminds me of back in the day when I used to see diablo 2 cutscenes and thing it looked so freaking amazing, and I thought one day those will be the graphics during real gameplay. And yet were past that even.
  • The greatest title for any article on gameinformer.com ever. I'm calling it now.

  • I got a feeling that this is only a timed exclusive for Xone
  • I was going to pass on this game, but the sheer ridiculousness that they are bringing to it grabbed my wife and I's attention and we ended up preordering it. I look forward to playing this, Watch Dogs, Battlefield 4, and Assassin's Creed 4 around the launch of the One.

  • I am sorry guys, but I am not really hyped for this. I went to Comic-Con and went to the Xbox area. I was waiting in line to play Killer Instinct (fun game btw), and they were showing off Dead Rising 3 gameplay. While the gameplay might be fun, the performance of the game was absolutely horrendous! There was a lot of screen tearing and the framerate maintained an average of about 15 to 20 fps. The other people in line noticed the performance and were put off by how poorly it ran. I hope the performance will be improved before release, but I am not that confident.
  • I wish there were no consoles, only PC and there would be no exclusives so everyone would live happy after ...
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