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Ryse: Son of Rome

Microsoft Shares New Ryse: Son Of Rome Story And Character Details

Ryse's cinematics director Peter Gornstein and producers Michael Read and Justin Robey were on hand at Comic Con to talk about the narrative details of the Xbox One's gladiatorial launch title.

Ryse follows the story of Marius Titus, a Roman solider whose family was murdered by barbarians of Britton. Titus has sworn to avenge his family, and is making his way through the ranks of the Roman army in an attempt to track the barbarians down.

Microsoft has also released a motion-comic based in the Ryse universe called Sword of Domocles. You can check out the comic here, which tells the story of Damocles, who comes back from the dead to avenge his own death and save Rome. With Domocles returning from the dead, it seems Ryse will have supernatural storytelling elements, something so far unseen in Ryse's assorted demos and trailers.

The Comic Con panel also detailed a number of Ryse's characters. Alongside Titus, Microsoft revealed Vitallion, "the wise and charismatic geneal," Nero, the emporer of Rome, and Commodus and Basillius, the son and grandson of Nero respectively. Boudica is the daughter of King Oswald, the ruler of the Britannia, and Glott is an "Enigmatic leader of the Northern barbarians." Finally The The Spirit Gods were revealed, who watch over and guide Titus.

You can find more details on all of the characters by heading here. For more on Ryse: Son of Rome, you can check out the game's E3 trailer, as well as more details on the game's combat. Ryse will be a launch title for the Xbox One sometime later this year.

[Source: Xbox]

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  • The more I hear, the more intrigued I am. It's come a long way since its Kinect-only days.
  • I wonder if the comic comes with quick time events....
  • Can hardly describe how disappointed I was in this game's E3 showing. What a complete waste.
  • It would be nice if there was no real magic just tricks used by some to manipulate the ignorant just like the many magic men in the mediterranean did back then.
  • i got this pre-ordored, cant wait i like crytek and trust the games they make and this game just looks awesome
  • I really want to see how multiplayer works for this game,I have hope it works out
  • Loving what i see so far

  • Looks good (visually). It left a bad impression on me when they first showed the gameplay. Crytek seems to be really good at making sexy looking games, but, in my opinion, they have no depth whatsoever. (I didn't even finish Crysis 2 because I got so bored with it.) They're just pretty showcases to me. But the XB1 exclusive I really want is Forza 5. Eh, I'll pick one up next year, or whenever Halo comes out (which...I believe is next year). I'm warming up to that franchise.  

  • I don't care for Crytek anymore, they said 60% of a game is graphics, this game WILL have pretty graphics,but that's about it
  • Crytek is good at making pretty games, but they're horrible at everything else in my opinion. Crysis never had an interesting story and was fairly generic for the most part. It was pretty though.
  • Eh, this game looks like a total waste of time.  What gameplay they showed at E3 was pretty lackluster, the only appeal this game will have is that it can use kinect and looks pretty.

  • When I first heard about this game I was pretty excited, but after that E3 demo I don't know if I will ever play it...

  • Sounds like such an interesting story. Avenging your murdered family? It's unheard of! It's revolutionary!
  • Graphics aren't everything especially when you see the gameplay for this game and it looks so damn boring. Reminds me of the new Tomb Raider QTE's except 10x worse.
  • Kinda miffed they're suddenly doing a God of War mythology route. Kinda wish this would leave all the mythology stuff on the drawing board. The market's are already saturated with the stuff. It sells, which why they're doing it I suppose.

  • Is anyone really still interested after the E3 demo? "Hmm, this barbarian is standing quite close to that ledge. A swift kick aught to end him... assuming I hit (Y) at the right moment!"
  • This is literally the ONLY GAME that makes me look twice at One. I have already paid off my PS4 but I really want to play this.. Oh well, maybe some day.
  • Kyle you misspelled emperor.

  • Quick Time Event The Video Game
  • Just...meh.

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