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Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare

Sowing The Seeds Of War With Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

PopCap is taking the stars of its tower defense series out of the backyard and onto the battlefield in a team-oriented multiplayer shooter.

PopCap's reveal of Garden Warfare humorously aped EA's Battlefield series, but the similarities don't end there. While the game has a fun and cartoony art style that remains true to the series' roots, PopCap is creating a full-fledged multiplayer experience that includes both co-op and competitive modes. On the plant side of things, players choose between four classes: Peashooters (soldier class), Chompers (melee-oriented fighter class), Cacti (sniper class), and Sunflowers (medic class). PopCap confirms that players can also step into the stinky shoes of the undead, but isn't elaborating on classes or abilities just yet.

On-the-ground action is a blend of third-person shooting and tower defense, as players have the ability to purchase potted plants that act like AI-controlled turrets and lay traps like potato mines. Each class also has a rooted ability, which performs a more powerful attack, such as the Sunflower's blazing sunbeam or the Peashooter's gatling gun. The most powerful power-up we saw was a garlic drone, which hovers above the battlefield and can call in corn strikes that erupt in a shower of popcorn. 

So far PopCap has only shown off the 4-player co-op mode, which pits Garden Warfare's cheery vegetation against waves of zombies, but despite the predictable format, the demo was impressive nonetheless. Not only is PopCap setting up scores of bosses based on the series' popular characters such as Disco zombie and the towering Gargantuar, but the cartoony visuals are surprisingly striking, as is the fluidity of the animation. It sounds like PopCap has plenty more reveals lined up for Garden Warfare, so we look forward to hearing more about it in the future.

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  • Is this coming to Ps3/4?
  • I like how they're releasing this to appeal to a new audience and a true TD PVZ for the original fans. Way to keep both worlds happy!!
  • Not surprised about its announcement, but highly surprised that they took the route they did with a 1st-person shooter, horde multi-player style. Nice fake-out for the reveal though.

  • Needs Ps4 release!!! Guess Ill just get it for 360...

  • So, is this multiplayer only, or does it have a single player mode? Because I was actually looking forward to this if it had singleplayer.
  • This game looked good for my 3 and 5 year old niece and nephew. If it wasn't for them i wouldn't even consider getting a childish game. But eh, thats just me.
  • This game looked creative and looked absolutely AMAZING with Frostbite 3!

  • Reminds me of GoW's Horde mode. I'll have to get this for the 360. It looks pretty fun.

  • I think this one is a timed exclusive just like the witness on PS4

  • This game has better graphics than some triple-A titles I've played.

  • This is totally fake! They showed this to make fun of military shooters and next-gen graphics, right? I think they were just making a huge joke, or at least I hope

  • I wasn't too sure about this when I heard it was a shooter, but after seeing it I am REALLY interested. Hoping it wont take long for a PS3 or 4 version to release.

  • I cant wait to play this, I didn't like PVZ on ps3 (don't know why) but when I put it on my vita I like it

  • This was the best thing at the XB1 conference in my opinion.

  • I hope the 360 Edition isn't too dumbed down.

  • Please let this be on ps4 I need my PvZ fix. Free tablet games don't interest me so I won't be getting  its about times.

  • This looks so much fun!

  • At first I laughed this game off, but the more i hear about this thee better it might maybe possibly be?