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Forza Motorsport 5

Microsoft Shows Off Next-Gen Forza

Microsoft showcased a Forza Motorsport 5 trailer today at its E3 press conference. The game has been confirmed for Xbox One.

In a truly next-gen turn, Forza 5 will use a cloud-sourced technology called “drivatar,” by which the game’s AI can learn to drive like real people from player data. Though it’s not completely clear how this technology will work, it raises interesting prospects for the potential of next-gen gaming.

Check out the Forza 5 trailer and some high-res screenshots in the gallery below.

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  • All of that detail into vehicles that will be soaked in motion blur effects whenever you see them. Seems like a waste to me, but whatever. I'm not knocking this Forza, in fact I'm looking forward to this one a lot. I haven't played the last game yet, but Forza 4 is great.
  • Is their partnership with Top Gear still intact?
  • Mod
    Pshbt! Cloud-gaming? Realistic AI? Detailed Graphics? I could do this on the Dreamcast. Microsoft, you disappoint me once again.
  • im a Gran Turismo person myself but it looks nice......
  • damn, this is hot

  • The game looks amazing.  I hope there will be some way to transfer your vinyl groups over from 4/Horizon, it'd be a pain to lose all of that and have to start from scratch, or write down all of the vinyl specifications and recreate them, and with the Cloud tech, it seems like you could save them on there and then somehow tranfer the data over.

  • This game may be the sole purpose for me shelling out $500 for the Xbox One.

  • Drivatar sounds lame but I'm stoked for the game. So many good racing games coming out for next gen!!!

  • Man I can't wait for this game!

  • Just when you thought it couldn't and wouldn't get better.

  • damn i pretty sure im going for ps4 first but i defidently need an xbox one to play this!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Micro$oft f*cked up.


  • Well, looks good.

  • Well, this doesn't really matter since virtually nobody will buy an Xbox One.

  • Those screenshots...

    So. Much. Lens flare. O_O