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  • 9.50
    I play Call of Duty Ghosts on the PS3 and I personally am having a great time time with the game. I have heard many users talking about how garbage it is and in my opinion it simply is not true. Is it the best Call of duty Game I have ever played? No, That goes to black ops 2. But for a game that is...
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  • 7.00
    Since 2007, when I first saw glimpses of Call of Duty 4 at E3, I knew this series would be something special. All through high school and into my college career my group of friends and myself would eagerly await November for the next installment in the series and new online adventures. And every year...
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  • Call of Doggie?
  • Call of Do- WOOF, THERE IT IS!!!

  • The dog is going to die. I know it, and it's sad.

  • The reveal actually made me decide that I will be picking up this Call of Duty. I wan't see what they will do with the more power they are given and this new engine. If it doesn't seriously blow me away then that will probably the end of Call of Duty for me.

  • I like having a canine as part of the team. It's been successful in Fallout 3 and I bet it will work out for COD: Ghost too, just don't kill my furry companion or there will be hell to pay Infinity Ward.

  • "the new and unexpected CoD!!" Mind if I borrow that glorious sarcasm for the days before the release?

  • Can we play as the dog in the inevitable zombie expansion?

    (I meant that as a sarcastic joke, but on second thought... that would be pretty epic)
  • What if there was an entire multiplayer mode where everyone's just a dog.

  • @Mr Turkey:

    Just smoke some bath salts.  Won't be the first time.

  • @Mr Turkey:

    haha, totally agree with you there.

  • I'd buy the game in a second if this happens lol.  Someone call the developers and cash in on this idea.

  • Spoiler alert.

  • Paws of Duty

  • @KhajiitKitten:

    i would be the first in line at midnight to get, and play, that game.

  • Precisely my thoughts...

  • @BrokenWing:

    I would take a grazing bullet wound for my dog Zoey (golden retriever, best dog ever). I would NOT die for her. I am human and she is dog, the choice is clear. Don't get me wrong, guys. I love my Zoaster (laugh because it rhymes with toaster).

  • Didn't Mark Rubin work for THQ?