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Call of Duty: Ghosts

Tech Comparison (This Gen Vs Next Gen)

It's no surprise that Call of Duty: Ghosts will be making the jump to next generation this fall. At yesterday's Xbox One reveal, Activision showed off how much better the next generation title will look.

This video was originally presented on stage by Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg (whom we had the chance to interview yesterday). If you've heard about "the Call of Duty dog," but haven't yet seen what the buzz is about, now is your chance.

Call of Duty: Ghosts arrives on November 5, 2013 (though not necessarily that early for PS4 and Xbox One).

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  • What annoys me about this video is the fact that they're saying that no one has/had better graphics than them at any one point.

  • Remind me again: what's the draw in this game? For the life of me I don't know why this game is popular. It looks nasty, the gunplay is horrible, and the 'perks' just turn it into "first to get the apache wins the game!"

    Seriously, is it just the fratboys and 12 year olds that get this or am I missing something? I've played some of the special missions and the zombie modes with friends and they're alright, but the stories suck and the regular multiplayer is just... blegh.

  • I'm not sure what I was expecting from them in a next gen engine but this just looks bland. It still looks out dated.

  • I've been saying it for a while now but the graphical "leap" in this next gen is just not that big. It shows in lighting but other than that not much better than PS3 exclusives. I'm pretty much getting a gaming PC at this point because PS4 and Xbox 1 are already dated and I can upgrade a PC. I hate the way Microsoft has early dlc and now they're have an actual anti-used games policy. If I do get one of these two systems it'll be a PS4. I'm more than happy with my WiiU at the moment though.

  • Battlefield 3 already had all this (except the fish physics) and there acting like its some next-gen stuff. (sorry for complaining, i just felt the need to say it).

  • If they pull an I am legend and the kill the dog I'll loose it.

  • If anything I'll just rent this game, haven't really seen much of it to be that exited. The graphics aren't as dramatically stunning as was exaggerated in the engine demonstration. Its no Frostbite 3, but I guess its a step up.

    Despite how many people hate COD or are just plain tired of it, one thing they do well is making their characters lifelike and well animated, not just dull 3D models shooting about with that dead AI stare. Improving on that aspect is great, but I hope that's not the only area they step up in.
  • Crysis 1 had better graphics.
  • I could render a better looking dog by taking 100 photos of dogs into photoshop and cutting/pasting sections with the lasso tool.

  • what do you think of the multiplayer, it will be the same with nice graphic, or it will be different?
  • In terms of textures that´s old pc graphics, I´m eager to see next gen pc graphics.

  • Graphics look really good for next-gen consoles but I'm worried that its not going to look exactly like that in the game. You know, it looks like this in the commercial but when you play the game it's different?
  • "Next-Gen"

    Has been done this generation.


  • So in mw2 they had "AWESOME GLASS" now they have real dogs...I think they don't know how to make games anymore..just copy and paste.

  • Dirt in finger nails and fish that swim away when you get too close...Welcome to the future!

  • LOL.  "Nearly photorealistic worlds!"

    Yes.  They've been saying that since PS2 era, and even earlier for PCs.  It IS an impressive leap forward, but it's evolutionary, not revolutionary.

    How about we show permanent damage on the enemies now?  How about in action games like Devil May Cry or Castlevania the bosses lose giant chunks of themselves to show how almost dead they are instead of an ugly life bar?

    You know... how about we actually innovate something instead of merely upgrading?

    Also who really believes any of that processing power is going to go to AI?  All publishers care about is graphic fidelity.  They've been hollering about improved AI in Forza for each iteration, but the computer cars still just follow the same predictable lines, and never react to the player at all.

  • I would rather compare the two side by side, in full action mode.

  • It wasn't hard to make Ghosts look better, since the current engine is "a bit" outdated. They name some technologies, but, as far as I know, you can see it all in most of modern games that are worth to apply them. I'm sure that making a game for in-development hardware isn't easy and that they will improve engine from this CoD to next CoD. I don't expect much and probably won't buy it though.

  • I love COD, but I'm just really tired of the yearly games with the exact same formula. I really don't blame them though because people buy it, an it makes them money. Why are try saying about all the graphic advancements, but then release it for also this generation?