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  • 9.50
    I play Call of Duty Ghosts on the PS3 and I personally am having a great time time with the game. I have heard many users talking about how garbage it is and in my opinion it simply is not true. Is it the best Call of duty Game I have ever played? No, That goes to black ops 2. But for a game that is...
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  • 7.00
    Since 2007, when I first saw glimpses of Call of Duty 4 at E3, I knew this series would be something special. All through high school and into my college career my group of friends and myself would eagerly await November for the next installment in the series and new online adventures. And every year...
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  • "He’d take a bullet for that dog. I was floored by that statement."

    This man has clearly never had a dog.
  • Is that a ***-mauling pun? Because if so good work.

  • @AtlantaMan:

    i actually laughed out loud at this!

    i would like to think, since dogs can sense when people are scared, that you could activate your puppy senses and see who was the MOST scared and either draw it out for them and make it worse (i mean, they are trying to kill you, after all), or to just taunt the least scared. lots of growling, silent farting, and the occasional howl (a la, okami).

    man. now i want to develop a game like this. maybe minus the farting.

    OHOH! multiplayer is 'pack mode.' and whoever is the best is alpha. mmmhmmm. this is a game i would play, indeed.

  • Hey guys..not like we need inovations to the way the game plays and feels...WE NEED A DOG!
  • the dog better not die like he did in i am legend
  • indeed. i had a german shepard. i would have taken a bullet for her, absolutely. she passed away nearly three years ago and i still think of her every day.

    i miss her.
  • The dog's mission is to make sure the cats don't get their uprising. Little does our K9 friend know, the cats will not go out without a fight!
  • haha same here!

  • The shot of the dog in the mo-cap suit absolutely made my day, best part of the presentation! And who knew all it would take to get me back into Call of Duty would be a dog.
  • Adding a dog companion that you can remotely give orders to IS innovation in the way that the game plays.
  • Inspired by I Am Legend? Alright, it is officially confirmed. That dog is dead.
  • indeed!

  • that video clip was also my favorite part of the presentation.

  • ...and TiVo inspired Microsoft's console.
  • Exactly my thoughts, there is nothing quite like the bond that you form with a dog. Every dog I have had I would risk my life for, they are not just an animal, they are family. Currently I do not have a dog, my most recent passed away a little while ago and life is simply not the same without him.
  • @BigGruntyThirst:

    i'm sorry.

  • @supermyrrh:
    Those ideas are freaking amazing. We could have the dogs piss on the flags in domination to mark their territory, and you have to wait for the scent to wear off before you can re-cap it. And instead of an RC car with explosives we have mail truck that is packed with explosives. Instead of grenades, we have squeaky toys which have dynamite centers...

    Let's get someone on this...
  • Yeah, it is kinda easy to guess what will happen to the dog isn't it? Made this exact point to my friend because I heard them mention they wanted a more emotional game. What brings out more emotion than your furry companion dying?

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