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  • 9.50
    I play Call of Duty Ghosts on the PS3 and I personally am having a great time time with the game. I have heard many users talking about how garbage it is and in my opinion it simply is not true. Is it the best Call of duty Game I have ever played? No, That goes to black ops 2. But for a game that is...
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  • 7.00
    Since 2007, when I first saw glimpses of Call of Duty 4 at E3, I knew this series would be something special. All through high school and into my college career my group of friends and myself would eagerly await November for the next installment in the series and new online adventures. And every year...
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  • that looks like something out of a Metal Gear game...also if you don't get to maul people with the dog "Dead to Rights" style then they seriously dropped the ball
  • I just want to know one thing: can I play as the dog? Because, so far, Super Combat Dog is the coolest thing about this game.
  • So next year we'll see Call of Duty:Dogs? Come to think of it, playing with a dog with a machine gun on his back sounds cool.
  • I loved I Am Legend.

  • m.youtube.com

  • Will Smith confirmed as playable. Make it happen. He'll sing "Parents Just Don't Understand" when your mom kicks you off the xbox.
  • I was inspired by this article to say this......Ok
  • I heard about this article from Tim on the live stream!
  • Forget the dog, you can now lean, this is the type of breakthrough we have been looking for in a nextgen game
  • I already know they're gonna kill the dog mid-way in the game. Get us all attached and then boom, we're bawling over a digital doggie.
  • weirdly enough, the dog was my favorite part of the presentation today. i greatly enjoyed the behind the scenes footage of the actual dog in the motion capture gear. military dogs are amazing. i've never played a call of duty, but if i was going to, it would be this one. dogdogdog...
  • i'd love to play a game as super combat dog. :)

  • nice!

  • You hypeed for the very first FIRST DOG SHOOTER

  • Animal deaths are the worst deaths!

  • @Gorow The Maverick:

    i would 100% play a first dog shooter.

    first dog shooter: no thumbs required.

  • @Gorow The Maverick:

    i can not disagree. :(

  • This may be my first Call of Duty in a long while. I'm game for emotional attachment and better settings. Did anyone else listen to the music in the background, they improved it!
  • @A Girl Not Named Charlie
    Is your name Charlie, and are you a girl? Never mind don't spoil it. Your username is like The Da Vinci Code mixed with a Nancy Drew book!
  • @supermyrrh:
    Haha, what would they use as an overpowered killstreak in multiplayer?

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