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NBA 2K15

NBA 2K15's Crew Mode Makes A Comeback For 360, PS3

After years of pining, NBA 2K fans finally have their beloved Crew mode back – at least for last-gen consoles

Yesterday on a Twitch livestream Visual Concepts revealed the return of the popular five-on-five online mode for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game, complete with leaderboards. The Crew mode plays out on the official NBA-sized court with NBA rules, and allows teams to create custom jerseys. If you don't have a full roster of five players you can assign A.I. to man the missing positions. Prefer the smaller three-on-three blacktop matches? You can still play those as well. 

Stay tuned in the coming days for more NBA 2K15 news.

[Source: Operation Sports]

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  • I never played this game mode myself because I didn't start owning a basketball game until 2k14. Heard this game mode was fun though. If my friends want to get this, then I'll pick it up also.

  • This is great to see. But I just hope they pick better music for the game. Music you can truly ball to.
  • Has to be on PS4 and X1 also, it's only logical.

  • 2k14 is missing the thing I wanted most. My friends and I had tons of fun with older versions, drafting a custom team and each playing a single player all game. 2K14 has no couch co-op franchise mode. Total suck.

  • Why only on last gen systems?

  • So, are the next-gen versions getting gimped again?

  • The need to bring a lot of things to the PS4/XboxOne version that they previously had. Like crew mode, association, and more customization. I'd love if the added more older team as well like a Drazen Petrovic NJ Nets, or an Alonzo Mourning lead Heat. It be awesome if we can choose the jersey we play in during my player or my player automatically makes you play in different jersey for special occasions

  • So you mean to tell me that the developers of this game visual concepts can't bring this mode to next gen consoles as well like people on next gen consoles wouldn't be interested in this oh really.