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Ultra Street Fighter IV

Ultra Street Fighter IV Out In Early June For Consoles

Ultra Street Fighter IV finally has a release date. The latest version of Capcom’s classic fighter includes five new characters and six new stages.

With the addition of Elena, Hugo, Poison, Rolento, and Decapre, the total fighter count is now 44. Pre-orders will come with a costume pack for the new fighters, also.

Capcom says that this is the most balanced entry in the Street Fighter series, with retuned gameplay and new modes. Those that own Super Street Fighter or Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition will be able to upgrade for $14.99 (handy for Xbox Live Gold members getting the latter next month as part of their membership).

A full version will be available digitally on PC ($29.99) and PS3 ($39.99). Retail copies for Xbox 360 and PS3 will be available for $39.99. Anyone who purchases the digital or retail full versions will also get every costume released to date.

PS3 and Xbox 360 players will be getting the title on June 2 and 3 respectively. PC players will need to wait until August 8. For more, check out two recent gameplay videos.

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  • I wish I was good at SF... LoL :-P

  • Awesome! Day one buy for me!

  • I forgot they were releasing the full game digitally. I thought it was just the addon. I might buy the full game just for the alts.
  • This will be great for the FGC. Having the older versions of character fighting styles mixed with the double ultra selection will help players who were prolific with older versions of the game "rise from the ashes" in this version. Though people like K brad and other Cammy players are rejoicing for the charge character Decapre extending the strength of their game.

  • If I like the arcade edition when it becomes free next month, I will make the upgrade. Good timing on Microsoft's part. I haven't really played any SF games. Looking forward to getting my butt whooped.
  • I honestly predict this game will sell roughly 20k copies
  • I AM SO READY! (caps)

  • I believe only the digital upgrades will be available in early June, the full digital and retail releases should be available in early August.


  • who ...cares?
  • $40? Definite pre order

  • I took some time off from this game,but with this update that's changed.Ive put in a few weeks of practice with the fight stick to prepare for the dlc.Its great that fighters like this and soulcalibur are still around.

  • Its already cheap but I'll get it for around £15. Thats all I'm willing to pay for some recycled stages and characters.