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The Amazing Spider-Man 2

What Kind Of A Spider-Man Are You?

Beenox has been working on the Spider-Man license for some time now, slinging out games including Edge of Time, Shattered Dimensions, and, most recently, The Amazing Spider-Man. For the game based on the new film, the studio isn’t taking the systems that it’s established for granted. Instead, they’re revamping everything from the way Spidey gets around to what he does once he gets there.

In previous games, Spider-Man would effortlessly swing above the streets of Manhattan via an automated web system. It worked, but holding down a button and steering on a course didn’t really nail the fantasy of being the red and blue-suited hero. Now, webbing is tied to the left and right triggers. Hold left down, for instance, and you’ll swing forward for a bit before gaining altitude and listing to the left. To move forward in a controlled and speedy pace, you need to alternate between left and right web shots. It’s jarring at first, but I quickly got into the rhythm of things. It’s more satisfying to get around, since you’re timing when you alternate your webs, and when you release them to gain and maintain the maximum momentum. Spidey spends the majority of his time above the skyline, so anything that improves that aspect of his characterization is welcome.

In a demo of a story mission, I saw a few of the other new systems in play as well. The section begins as Peter Parker enters a private fund-raising event. Players get to control Parker, which Beenox says is something that will be part of the overall experience. He’s there to propel the plot along; when it’s time to fight or save people, he’ll need to don his costume. Parker runs into Harry Osborn, and they begin to talk. Players can choose between several dialog options. The conversation turns to the Fisks, and how Osborn thinks they're into illegal activities. Just then, a waiter walks by with a tray of drinks. Parker’s spider sense kicks in, and he knocks the tray over before Osborn can take what could have been a poisoned drink.

Peter slinks off, and puts on his spider suit. He follows the waiter backstage and eventually runs into some Russian mobsters. That’s Spider-Man’s cue to show off some of his new moves. The crew includes a bruiser, who has to be immobilized with a charge attack before he can be damaged. That’s easier said than done, considering he’s got a few buddies along with him. Spidey can do a variety of web and physical-based moves, including one where he positions himself between two opponents, webs them both in the face, leaps in the air and pulls the line taut – causing them to bonk their heads together.

Once they’re defeated, I see a stealth-based sequence. Beenox has designed these to be less linear than in past games, so players can choose their own paths as they remove each guard from play, one web cocoon at a time. The goons are guarding an experimental suit, which just so happens to be sized perfectly for Spider-Man. Just when he thinks he’s going to get away clean, he’s caught by a new speedy enemy archetype. As her name suggests, she’s quite quick, and her blades are sharp. Players who may have gotten through earlier battles by button mashing will have to learn how to effectively dodge roll and use web pulls to succeed.

Spider-Man is seen as a hero by some, and a threat to others. A new hero system has been implemented into the game now, which should keep players on their toes. Missions will pop up on the minimap as players progress through the campaign. They can be ignored, but at a cost. If you encounter a building engulfed in flames, for instance, Spider-Man can play the hero by using his spider senses to navigate through the smoke and carry out unconscious victims. His bravery will be recognized through a special segment on the Bugle Channel, featuring anchor Whitney Chang. It works the other way, too. Fail at a bomb-disposal mission, and J. Jonah Jameson will take to the airwaves, wondering why Spidey didn’t call the police instead of trying to figure it out himself.

As players gain more acclaim or notoriety, they’ll be treated differently. Civilians will clap when they see the heroic Spider-Man, but they’ll run at one that’s seen as a public menace. Oscorp will send out drones to attack Spider-Man, and he’ll even face penalties to damage and other stats. In other words, it doesn’t pay to blow off the people of New York. They need a hero, and you’re the closest thing they have to one. 

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  • I have hopes for this game. I gotta get it.
  • *takes out Nerd Card* Ahem. His name is Wilson Fisk. I think Richard was supposed to be his son, actually, so that would imply either Wilson's time has passed or they just decided to change it for no good reason. Also, this hero system sounds nice... but I see people hating it in the long term. The fact there is no real advantage to being a negative hero/anti-hero is disappointing, as we've seen this concept played around with in several spider-man games before to varying impacts. And the web-swinging thing isn't that brand new either, I seem to remember both Spider-Man 3 (on the Wii) and Spider-Man 2 (on everything besides PC) featuring a similar if not more in-depth system. So we've got dialogue trees that may or may not amount to anything, traditional enemy types added, and more stealth sections for a hero who is anything but stealth in his regular uniform... I really want to be excited for this game but they are not making it easy. Also, will web-rush return or not?
  • This sounds like it could be fun.
  • I've been waiting on some new screens showcasing the game and I gotta say the graphics look A LOT better than the previous screenshots they released. I'm guessing these must be the next-gen PS4/X1 screens rather than the PS3/360. Though I'd wish that Beenox would try tackling an open world comic book inspired Spiderman game in the vein of something like Batman Arkham City, I'll be more than satisfied with TASM 2 for the time being. It seems like Beenox is making all the right improvements to the franchise. Also I don't remember Beenox being involved with Spiderman web of shadows, I thought that was Shaba Games.
  • It has been a very long time since I've played a Spider-Man game so I might have to give this one a try. I actually like the sound of the web swinging mechanic.

  • For me, they gotta nail the sandbox, and these civilian side missions (or w/e they are called) seem like a big step in the right direction, but if there is anything that disappoints me in a sandbox game, it is beating the campaign and immediately having nothing to do. Imo, the developers need to design the game so that when the campaign is concluded, we have only utilized half of the life of the game. Collection stuff is a given, but give me as many radiant/random events as possible.

    Help me pretend to be Spiderman basically.

  • Left and right alternating triggers? God dammit, why can't they stick to what was perfected over a decade ago?
  • Beenox didn't make Web of Shadows, that one was made by Shaba Games and that game is by far the best Spider-Man game since the first one on PSone. And no I don't count Spider-Man 2 as the best, because even though it had the best web slinging of any game and the open city to complement that feature, that was also the only good things about that game. I hope this new Spider-man game will be good, but I really doubt it, just the fact that we are close to the release of the title and have heard very little about the game does not bode well.
  • I enjoyed the first Amazing Spider-Man game and this looks to be improving the shortcomings of the first game.

  • I like the changes that are being made...its a maybe for me though.

  • These have always been dicey games for me. Some have been good (Spider-Man 2) and most have been lackluster to pretty darn terrible.

    I wish more developers would take a cue from Rocksteady and try to reimagine the iconic hero in a way that evolves the gameplay. Also, what Rocksteady did was the best - create an entirely new story line and keep things fresh. I know this is going to tie into the movie and that's its biggest downfall. I hope this turns out good, but anything based on a movie is going to be linear in many ways and fans are going to be left disappointed in the end.

    I hope I'm proven wrong in this, but past games have proven this point time and time again.

  • This actually sounds pretty good, think I'll check it out.. I didn't take to Shattered dimensions much.

  • i have to try it out

  • ACTIVISION YOU BLOODY WHORES!!! Give the rights to someone who won't make the same game over and over and over and over and over and over and over!!!!!!! EDIT: Don't let their false promises deceive you! They'll try to draw you in with promises of new features, but its going to be the SAME Spider-Man game that its always been since Spider-Man 2 on Playstation 2! (I feel like those "the end is near" crazy guys you see in movies)
  • I'm still on the fence about this game. I enjoyed the first Amazing Spiderman, but it had many flaws. Story was weak and the combat was fun, but it was basically a full rip off of the Arkham games. I did enjoy the freedom of the web swinging; that was probably the strongest element the game had. I seriously doubt this game is gonna be a immediate buy for me, but I do hope they fixed some if the problems from the first so they can make a better game.

  • I'm interested in the story of this one. Last game acted as a sequel of sorts taking place after the events of the movie. So obviously if you're conversing with Harry Osbourne it can't take place afterwards right? I sincerely hope this doesn't follow the movies plot. That's never a good sign. Look forward to reading more about this. Loved the first one! :)

  • Mod

    This game sounds pretty fun! I might just have to get it.

  • The swinging mechanic sounds pretty good. Hopefully the game will be as well. Love Spiderman games.

  • Sounds like it could be interesting but I'm a little concerned about the morality system. It sounds more like penalizing you for bypassing side content than actually forcing you to make choices.

  • The hero system makes it sound like Watch_Dogs: Spider Man.

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