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Blood of the Werewolf

Built With Love And A Desire To Kill The Player

Blood of the Werewolf has already released for PC, and has been embraced by fans that enjoy a platformer with challenge. It’s coming to consoles soon, but with added bonuses.

Nathaniel McClure has a long history with video games. He worked on nearly every Call of Duty through Black Ops, but decided to part ways with Activision and the franchise when he found he was moving further and further away from the creative side of development. He went on to work on games like Rock of the Dead, Real-Heroes Firefighter, and a licensed title, Man vs. Wild.

Recently, however, McClure says he asked himself and his development team, “Why do we do this? It’s not for the f---ing money.” From that realization, McClure and the rest of the team at Scientifically Proven decided to build Blood of the Werewolf.

As a group, the team discovered it had a love for classic monsters, and difficult platformers that require mastery and accuracy.

The game follows the journey of Selena. She’s a widowed mother who happens to be a werewolf, and her child has been stolen from her. What follows is a rampage of platforming and violence against familiar monster bosses like Frankenstein. The levels are linear and tough with indoor sections where Selena brandishes a crossbow, and outdoor sections where Selena turns into a werewolf.

On PC the game has been well-received, and the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game are going to add new content. Along with general balancing and applying lessons learned from feedback on the PC version of the game, there are also new planned modes.

Endless Challenge builds a new level for you every time you play and pushes players to see how far they can make it. Master Challenges are carefully developed gauntlets designed for people who don’t find the main game challenging enough. Finally, Score Rush Mode tasks players with getting through levels as quickly as they can with as many kills as possible.

Blood of the Werewolf is coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 around April or May, according to McClure.

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  • Ugh, every time I get excited for a new indie i find out it is a plat former. No offense to anyone who like platformers.
  • Well, if it's not on Wii U, I guess I'll get it on Steam.

  • I remember seeing something about this! It sounds awesome...I know which game I'll be playing next :D...sometime in the Spring x_o...

  • I remember buying this on Steam, I still wish I had never touched the damn thing. It's sloppily designed, the art style is all over the place, the controls are floaty, the voice acting/story are straight up ridiculous camp, and just... I couldn't take it anymore by the second hour in. When I realized the had literally copied and pasted the same thing 3 times in a row, just slightly altering the timing to appear different, I had no more ****s to give.

    I love a good masochistic game. Super Meat Boy was awesome, Exit Path was a hilarious good time. This was not. This is just simply a bad game that gets to live on by virtue of "hommage" to an older style of play. And I really hate saying this, because I was SUPER excited for this one. A mother protagonist who is also a badass werewolf? A 2D platformer with teeth and gothic inspiration? It sounded too good to be true, and it was.

  • The story really interests me, I might check this out.

  • Now a platforming game such as this I haven't played before. But this could be fun.