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Double Helix And Capcom Veterans Discuss Strider Reboot

The Strider reboot is less than a week away, and developer Double Helix (recently acquired by Amazon) and veterans of the series at publisher Capcom are talking about what players can expect. The new video features more gameplay and an explanation of how Strider Hiryu’s design has evolved over the years.

One of the big changes is that this Strider game won’t be a globe-trotting adventure. Instead, players will experience different locales in the interconnected, more open Kazakh City. 

Double Helix also wants to recapture some of the magic of gaming experiences gone by. Players will be instructed on how to use upgrades, but there is an element of discovery that is inherent in the design.

For more, you can read our most recent preview of the game. Strider is coming to Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC via digital delivery platforms on February 18.

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  • As a big fan of more old-school action experiences (Ninja Gaiden, etc.), I'm pretty excited for this game, especially after Double Helix proved their worth with the KI reboot. P.S. First!
  • This game is turning out to be a blast from the past, with a modern day look and feel. I like what I'm seeing thus far. I remember playing the heck out of the original on arcade machines as a kid.

  • Hopefully "modern era" doesn't mean nerfing the difficulty and hand holding
  • I'm eager to see how the finished game fares.
  • Man, why hasn't Capcom done collaborations like this before? A talented, passionate western studio along with the guidance and concept stuff coming from Japan? This is how they should've approached Bionic Commando. This thing looked like Strider (though more color would've been nice), seems to play like Strider, and - if that is the new game's music in the background - sounds like a proper Strider; everything seems to be lining up for a great game! Shame that, right as Double Helix was getting real good, they have to exit game development to do... who-knows-what with Amazon :/
  • Nice, I remember playing Strider as a kid, I hope the reboot is as fun as I remember the old game being. As long as the action and platforming is fluid I'll probably be happy.

  • Hoping this game is as good as Killer Instinct.

  • This will be one to keep are eyes on, I hope that this will be a good game. I like this series a lot.
  • I'm very eagerly awaiting this reboot. I do enjoy these experiences and hope they don't ramp down the difficulty.

  • I have been following this one closely. Psyched to see it's already getting good reviews in Japan: www.polygon.com/.../japan-review-check-knack-resogun-yakuza-restoration

  • I've been wanting a new strider game for ten years now. Had to play moon diver instead.