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Warface Closed Public Beta Available For Xbox Live Gold Members

Crytek has announced that its Xbox 360 beta for free-to-play shooter Warface is available now. The military shooter has found success on PC, and is scheduled for full release on Microsoft’s last-generation system this spring.

Interested players can sign up on the official website. An Xbox Live listing suggests the launch date is March 25, 2014.

Warface offers four different classes with different weapon loadouts, and according to the video above, the opportunity to pilot a mech. It also features daily cooperative campaign missions, and Crytek promises new maps, weapons, and more will roll out over time. 

You can read our preview of Warface from August 2013 here. We’ve reached out to Microsoft regarding the release date listing and will update should we hear back.

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  • I remember signing up for this, but never really gave it a chance on PC. After I move into my new place in a few weeks, I may just fire this up. Hope it's not too frantic to the point I can actually have some fun playing at first.
  • Looks fun. I like that Xbox Live is starting to have more free to play games.
  • this game is dead on PC....usually about 3-4 servers with the minimum required of players to start the match. Great game when you have a full house.

  • I went to the marketplace and saw it, but I couldn't download it.
  • What a strange name.

  • I've been playing it on PC. It's not a bad game but hackers are a big problem and most of the time there are no more than 30 people playing it.

  • I'll give this a go, this sounds like a fun to play game.

  • I'm disappointed there isn't much info to go on on their website. Just a trailer that doesn't really show much. From what I can tell its just a f2p Call of Duty with mechs and the mechs weren't even shown in the trailer at all which is weird since its one of the few defining features it seems. I may give it a shot. Not saying its a bad game or anything, just that the marketing team may have went the wrong direction on this one.

  • Is a PS3 release in the works?

  • Well I signed up for the beta but everytime I click the link in the email I receive it just takes me to the sign up page again

  • Nice...

  • i love it(im one of the closed beta testers for xbox) it runs well