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NASCAR '14 Gets A Release Date And Official Box Art

NASCAR '14 from developer Eutechnyx and publisher Deep Silver, is coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on February 18.

Along with a launch date, a teaser trailer for the game has been released, and the driver who has been chosen to appear on the cover has been revealed. Tony Stewart won his spot on the cover by way of online voting from fans. You can also check out a collection of screens from the game, as well as details about the game's pre-order bonuses in the gallery below.

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  • The first contender for Bad Box art 2014
  • Really?? No Xbox One or PS4 versions?

  • Eutechnyx,... they survived making Ride to Hell Retribution, really?
  • Mod
    Whose idea was it to shoddily Photoshop a real image of him into a clearly digital background? Even the lighting is off! And what is he staring at so gloomily at? 3/10 would not buy
  • You'd think a racing game would have a car on the cover. But then again Nascar has as much to do with racing as some guy just standing there. IMHO.
  • I smell GOTY!
  • day tuk yrr jerrbs!

  • I thought Activision had this license? Y'know, for such a supposedly huge sport, I find it weird that no big publisher wants a piece of NASCAR.

    As for you Deep Silver, I highly recommend you cut out this silliness and put Eutechnyx on what we all want from them -- Ride to Hell 2: Return to Hell! And don't try making it a competent game -- we all know they took someone else's mess and just finished it. I'm sure they'd be eager to prove that they could've done a better job. But the legend is done, and that's what Ride to Hell is now - we want more of THAT :)

  • I never thought a person could not try hard enough to look SO generic on a piece of box art like that, but Tony Stewart found a way. Seriously, he could of at least tried to have looked a tiny bit excited, edgy, thrilled, moved, ANYTHING. Maybe he looks a bit edgy, but if he is its either non-existent or I'm just compensating for the overall monotony.... I had a bad day.
  • Tony Stewart is the man. I'll probably pick this up, give it a shot.

  • Somebody should photoshop a group of cars coming at him from behind.

  • Somebody should photoshop a group of cars coming at him from behind.

  • Looks like a crappy game.  

  • Looks like a pile of ***.

  • Maybe if I drink a lot of vagisil I can be good at it.